Help! What is killing patches of my lawn???

beeeepeeeeJuly 22, 2014

These keep on popping up on my lawn. I feed once a week using well know lawn feed brand. They start out quite small and the grow into a perfectly round ring of dead grass surrounded by deep green thick blades. Any ideas??? I now have at least 4 of them on my lovely lawn!


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>>I feed once a week using well know lawn feed brand.

Could you define this a little more, please?

Also, do you have a dog, or does a neighbor dog visit your yard? I just want to make sure it isn't excessive nitrogen burn before we go anywhere more complicated.

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Hey there. Thanks for the reply!

I use Miracle-Gro Liquafeed lawn feed.

I don't have a dog....but a friend brings one around once a fortnight!

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>>I use Miracle-Gro Liquafeed lawn feed.

Stop. Unless you're in Scotland (which, using the word "fortnight," you might be!) this isn't a good choice. Grasses dislike being fed in summer, and it lights off any number of diseases.

With the dog, who I presume pees occasionally outside, that could be overloading nitrogen in spots. Watering the pee spot when the dog does it (or within a day, at least) will tend to reduce damage--as would feeding organically as the carbon compounds stay behind, encourage bacteria, and bacteria absolutely adore urea.

How to feed depends on where you are--could you let us know your state and general location in the state? "Northwest Ohio" or "Eastern PA" is more than close enough.

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Based in the UK - not Scotland though! :-) A little further South in Surrey (much closer to London).

The dog does occasionally pee. I didn't realise that it could damage the grass like that! There have been about 5 patches in total. One has re grown after I used some patch repair (basically re-seeded). The other 4 look like the one in the photo.

On the grass feed - recommends using in Summer (go figure) but will give it a wide bearth if it's no good for the grass!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Do you even have summer? Don't y'all head for Aberdeen when you get 3 days in a row above 20 C (in the 70s)?

For summer feeding it is better to use an organic fertilizer. I like alfalfa pellets (rabbit chow) at a rate of 10 kilos per 100 square meters. I get alfalfa at feed stores. Here are the feed stores near you. I use alfalfa because it is inexpensive in my neighborhood. You can use any ground up nut, bean, seed, or grain. I'm not sure what you can get in your area, but I'm pretty sure people raise rabbits everywhere.

A side benefit of the organic will be that you should never see a dog spot again. That is a dog spot. It might not be from the fortnightly dog, but that's like a poster child image of a dog spot. Classic!

On a more immediate basis, what I do is scatter a heaping handful of sugar on the spot. The sugar kick starts the soil microbes into the re-population mode. They will quickly grow in numbers to a point where they can deal with the sudden appearance of urine in the soil. In about a fortnight and a half you'll see that spot growing much faster and greener than the rest of the lawn.

I think you're the first person on this forum who has admitted to properly fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer. If you are going to use liquid, it has to be done every half-fortnight. In our American heat we can't do that in the summer, so granular is the way to go. That way we can apply about 3 times per year and not deal with liquids every half fortnight. And yes, I'm trying to figure out every way I can to use fortnight instead of Imperial time units. ;-)

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Hahahaha. We've actually had a great summer so far. Lots of sunshine at temp in high 20's (Celsius of course). We don't generally tend to head for Aberdeen....much prefer Spain! The water is a little warmer there! ;-)

I must say, impressed with how you've managed to use 'fortnight'!

Seriously though, thanks for all the tips! Organic fertiliser, sugar etc. On it! Will let you know the results in around a fortnight! ;-)

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Hahahahaha. Cheers! It was 40 C where I was today, so high 20s would be very refreshing.

We don't get many visitors from outside the 48 states, so I'm always interested in what you're growing and how. What variety of grass are you growing? It looks like Kentucky bluegrass, but y'all might have a different name for it.

Hope you can understand this through my thick, Southern accent. Actually I'm from Canada, but y'all just seems to work better sometimes. By the way, y'all is both singular and plural, but "all y'all" is always plural.

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