Craftsman LT1000

steinware43July 24, 2011

Got a 917.273520. Deck was off so i put it back on. Mower ran good to the house before. everything went on right. tried to start mower and engage clutch the mower shut off, I noticed there is a cluch cable hanging along the side. I looked a manual but i cannot see it at all. anyone know where it goes. Aslo my pulley would spin but it would not move blades. is this due to mentioned problem or could it be belt. Dont know much juct trying to help a disabled woman out any help would be cool. when i had belts on pully i used a wrench to push to give tension and it did move blades. My cable hanging is just like a clutch cable with a black end and a spring

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You may have a couple of things going on per your description. The cable attaches from the rear right. It may be best to pull the 5 retaining pins, roll the belt off the front, drop the deck and slide it out about a foot to the right. You will see a tensioner pulley that has a smooth end- that is where a 1/4" flat washer goes, then the cable spring, then a small hitch pin or cotter pin. To the rear, you will see where the plastic body of the outer cable slips into and is retained by a larger hitch pin. Re-hang the deck and install the belt. If all is working freely, the belt routed as it should be, and the cable is good- the belt should turn the blades. Now about the shutting off part. Does it seem like the when the deck handle is engaged, that a switch is shutting off the engine? The normal cause for this is an un-plugged or defective seat switch, but there could be other causes. Let us know how you do or if something seems different.

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