Craftsman Lawnmower Won't Stay Running Part 2

attrib1July 9, 2005

I have a Craftsman 3in1. Model; 917.377591

I am having a similar problem to this person.

But its a different type of lawnmower engine from the Tecumseh. I don't see any type of brass nut on the bottom of this carburetor.

The lawnmower will start but will stall out after about 5-6 seconds. If I hold down the primer it will run fine so I am suspecting its a problem with the carburetor. This is of course after checking the usual suspects (no gas, gas cap problem, air filter problem, no oil, etc.)

I have removed the entire carburetor from the engine and cleaned it as best I can tell (forgot to clamp the fuel line so gasoline was everywhere :). This includes taking off a metal u shaped-rod that holds the 2 pieces of the carburetor together (metal top piece and plastic bottom piece) and making sure a rubber tube that bridges between the 2 pieces inside the carburetor was clear. After putting it back together it still exhibits the same problem of stalling after 5-6 seconds

Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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For that engine, the lower plastic part is replaceable as a unit for around 17 dollars. That will solve your problem. All of the "vital" parts are contained in the bowl, and basically gives you a new carb. Just drop the old one, put the new one in place, snap the metal ring in place, and mow! May not be a bad idea to replace the fuel could be deteriorating and clogging the carb. Hope this helps!

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Hmmm, thanks do you know the replacement part number by chance? All I can find is the full part number for the carburetor on the sears parts website.

The full carb is about 55 + shipping.

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)

If your bowl "IS" plastic, order Tec part# 730235B
and this "WILL FIX" your problem. Included is an
intake gasket which should also be replaced to insure
the primer system works properly. These are incredibly
simple carbs, especially so, with HOW you service them.
These bowl kits are...THE ONLY WAY TO GO.


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So I finally received the parts for the lawnmower and went about repairing it. I replaced the fuel line, the rubber primer, and the float bowl part of the carburetor. This cost me about $25 shipped so not so bad.

Seemed pretty easy to do, I just swapped out all of the parts but I must have missed something.

I am now having the opposite problem - too much gas getting into the engine. The gas is draining out of the tank through the carburetor, into the engine and out the muffler. When I pull the starter cord, gas will spew out of the muffler until the gas tank drains. I can feel the gas in the primer plug if I press it in.

I checked the float bowl to make sure its working properly - it does stop filling once the float bowl fills up. I am at a loss as to what I missed in the installation. Is there any trick to the carburetor float bowl that I am missing?


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bountyhunter(z5 WI)


If you didn't use a manual and follow the step by step instructions, you may have missed a step somewhere.

You have to remember that a lot of the guys on this forum are very sharp and can do these installations in the dark. They may do something that comes so natural to them that they don't explain every little detail.

The first carburetor I ever rebuilt was a 4-barrel for an automobile. My friends and competent machics told me it was going to be very hard. The kit came with all the parts necessary and detailed instructions and when I put it back together, it worked. I have never worked on small engine carburetors except way back when I was taking a small engines course. Back then, and I understand that even now, rebuild kits for small engine carburetors do not come with instructions. That is why it is a good idea to have a manual for your type of engine so that these after-the-fact problems don't happen.

Good luck!


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tekumcman(Upstate SC)

You NEVER indicated whether this was a plastic bowl
carb, but your comments would indicate so. If SO...
why did you try to "repair" vs. "replace" the bowl
kit I suggested (Tec part# 730235B)?? The bowl kit
is $16.50, and WILL FIX this problem.


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Tekumcman, sorry if I was not clear, I did replace not repair the entire bottom half of the carb using the plastic bowl kit you suggested including replacing the gasket between the upper (metal) and bottom (plastic) part of the carb.

I checked the float bowl and it seems like its working (filled it with gas through the fuel line and it stopped filling once the float raised) but for whatever reason during lawnmower operation (running), gas continues to flood into the engine.

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)

The engine cannot run if fuel is "flooding into the
engine". Maybe I don't understand what you mean by this?
ALL float carbs MUST HAVE an atmospheric venting of the
float bowl, and the fuel tank MUST VENT also. Look at the
fuel tank cap and see if the "guts" inside the cap aren't
missing? If so...when the cap is screwed down onto the
tank neck, it BOTTOMS OUT on the tank face and the tank
CANNOT VENT since it does so thru the threads of the cap.
This will cause one to shut down due to a vacuum in the
fuel tank and fuel cannot get out to the carb. I still am
puzzled by your comments about "flooding while running" ?
Please explain....???


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I checked the fuel cap. Not sure what you mean by "guts" but its basically a cap with a plastic thread inside of it.

In terms of my issue, I have looked at the mower somemore. It seems like the new float bowl is not working properly (or not installed properly) in terms of stopping the flow of gas. With the gas tank drained, I can see gas leaking out into the air filter (air filter soaked right now). The tank will basically drain through the air filter until its empty.

I have installed and reinstalled the bottom portion of the carb(even filling it up with gas and the float does "pop up" to stop the flow of gas once the "bowl" is filled. However after intstallation it doesn't seem to stop the flow of gas or something else is causing the gas to leak out the carb.

One other thing, I did also replace the primer bulb (it was in the kit). Not sure if an improper installation would cause this issue.

Thanks again.

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hi, i have a craftsman lawnmower that has the plastic bottom bowl. i replaced the bottom section of the carb with a bowl kit. i think i made several mistakes ie i pulled out the center plastic tube and a small spring flew out and was lost so i went ahead and pushed the red plastic tube back into the center tower, does it matter how this tube goes back? because now instead of gas flowing out the air filter, the lawn mower fires up and runs for a couple seconds then dies. anybody got any suggestions? thanks so much.

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I have a Sears Craftsman Eager 1, 6.75 hp, 22 inch self propelled lawn mower (Model 917.377190) which has a problem somewhere in the carb. The carb was rebuilt this Spring and the mower started up and ran beautifully until recently. It would start up but only run for a second or two before dying.

I found the problem with the lawn mower. I used a needle nose pliers to try to remove the red rubber primer bulb that has a retainer clip holding it to the side of the carb. as I grabbed hold of the bulb where the retainer clip is, some gas leaked out of the rubber bulb. I didn't take the primer bulb all the way out and had no clue why gas started coming out. anyway I then pressed the primer several times and the lawn mower started. it's running again but I believe the underlying problem still exists and will rear its ugly head again.
the fouling problem has something to do with that red rubber primer bulb.

any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. Irish

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I just repaired my Craftsman lawnmower today. When I removed the caburetor, I noticed that the hose from the carburetor to the (regulator?) was split, I replaced it.
Then after pinching the fuel line from the gas tank, I removed the carburetor, cleaned it thouroughly, then removed the plastic bottom section. I then carefully removed all springs, tubes, float, and o-rings, and cleaned them with compressed air. Then I used the compressed air to blow out all of the orafices in the plastic bottom section. When I replaced the center tube, I noticed that it would not move freely because of friction between the plastic and the o-ring, so I sprayed some WD40 on the o-ring. While re-assembing the carb, I noticed that the gasket between the aluminum part and the plasic part, (that has the red fuel primer pump button on it), was not in good condition, so I used an exacto knife and made a new gasket from gasket material. After re-assembling, it started and ran like new.

Hope this helps,


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I have cleaned everything on my self propelled Sears mower with a Tecumseh engine. At first, the motor wouldn't run for more than 5-6 seconds. Now, it floods through the air filter even when it is not running. Help.

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* osted by Tekumcman Upstate SC ( on
Tue, Aug 16, 05 at 22:19

You NEVER indicated whether this was a plastic bowl
carb, but your comments would indicate so. If SO...
why did you try to "repair" vs. "replace" the bowl
kit I suggested (Tec part# 730235B)?? The bowl kit
is $16.50, and WILL FIX this problem.



Will this part work on my mower - 917.373841? I am sure my bowl is metal, aluminum probably, but could not find a similar kit on the sears site. My motor number is 143945502 if that helps.


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I have this same problem. It is a Craftsman-Mulch-Self Propelled mower but not a Craftsman's engine - it is a Tecumseh? Anyway, I'm thinking gunked up from the winter? Anybody out there have some instructions for changing this out? The other posts are pretty old and I think some are missing addressing this problem.

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If the carb has the metal bowl, remove the bolt that holds that bowl onto the carb. Carefully inspect that bolt for several holes. sometimes those holes get plugged with dirt. look in or above the threads for a teeny hole, or a black spot. Stick a thin stiff wire into anything that looks like a hole or black spot, and also thru any holes in that bolt. Then blow thru the end hole, and reinstall the bolt. This procedure usually gets rid of the no start on that type of carb.
If your carb has the black plastic bowl, then do as Tecumsehman says. Bite the bullet and spend the money for a new bowl kit!

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I have a Sears Eager-1 with the metal bowl. I will try the suggestion from Rustyj14 to look for holes in the bolt and clean them out. The mower has the same symptoms.

I also have a primer bulb that is cracked, and want to replace it. How do I detach the old one?

Here is a link that might be useful: How to replace primer bulb

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Please post for me as it is important. I fell guilty for not sharing this earlier.

I had the same problem with a craftsmen lawn mower. (Runs for a few seconds and then stalls out) It has the cast aluminum carburetor with no adjustments. Once you fix the problem, you'll agree that it actually is a pretty clever design. I did absolutely everything (cleaning passageways, checking flatness of top and bottom mating surfaces of carb. etc.etc.etc.)

All you have to do is remove the large flat headed screw on side of carburetor. Inside, behind this screw, is the high speed jet. (A small white plastic molded part with a passageway through it) You blow through it, look through it and its clean, right?? Wrong. The dirt drops down into a recess within the passageway so you cannot see it. When you prime the carb. and start engine it will run, try to pull gas from tank, RE-SUSPEND this dirt which in turn plugs against screen inside this jet, and thus stalls engine. (no gas) All you need to do is poke a hole through screen with small nail or drill, clean with spray, and re-install jet.
Don't even need to take the damn carb. off engine, although you're probably real good at it by now!
The in-line (spinning top shaped) filter (if you have one in the rubber gas line) is really just a strainer (fine screen). The screens in these may not be fine enough to prevent the screen in the gasoline jet from plugging. I put an in-line paper type filter in the rubber gas line. I've read (or been told) that these will not work due to the additional resistance they create on a gravity fed system. It worked great for me. You would want one with enough filter in it and when installed that it would not raise the hose level very much. (The gas tank must be able to gravity feed the carburetor) I had a similar situation with a car one time.
Did everything, finally replaced the needle seat in carburetor just for the heck of it. (Usually you only do this when the float in carb. is sticking) When I removed the seat, it had a screen on it! (What the h---) You tear it off and use an in-line filter (with a paper pleated element). Carburetor manufacturers do this to keep their device clean, its up to the lawn mower (auto) assembler to remove it and install an in-line filter.

For air, oil, gas filtration, pleated paper filter media (Fram, Purolator, etc.) is the best.
The more filter area, the better. (Doubling your filter area will more than quadruple the usable filter life!!) Filter paper stops microscopic particulate, protecting your engine. One brand, in particular, really gets me. In fact it's hard to believe there full of it when you see that they are 3 times more expensive. (They're in auto parts stores) They have very little filter and in order for them to work (not cause a big pressure drop) is to have large pores in the filter media. The scam is that: when you spend this much money, you'll swear it's great (more H.P.,nah,nah,nah) By the time fine silica sand damages engine, the car will be worn out anyway. (i.e. You'll never notice)

Have a Great Day!


(Make sure you get your old Carbuerator back if you have been charged for a new one)

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I have a 6.75 HP eager-1 Craftsman with the same problems as mentioned by other posters. It won't stat, after many tries when it does start , it will die within 506 seconds. I bought a new carburator bowl Tec part# 730235B ( the plastic one) form sears today and installed it. That did not help. The carburator is cleaned . Now I have gas dripping from the new carburator bowl that I installed today. I checked and it seems to be seating tights, but gas is dripping from it. I also have gas going to my air filter which is soaked wet now. Sparyed some starting fluid and it started , but if I try a dry air filter it will die again.
It seems like it does not like the air filter , Now I can not start it even without an air filter, gas is still dripping from it and is flowing into my air filter compartment.
What could be wrong ? So much headache this turned out to be.

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Just wanted to say thanks for the advise on this website and the info the T-man provided. Made the diagnosis and repair of replacing the bowl kit a breeze. Mower runs like a champ again.

The one thing I would mention to others is keep in mind this was originally from 2005. For those with newer mowers, the part number is different. Just put in the model of your engine at the Sears parts website and it will lead you to the right part.

Thanks again

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Son added weedwacker gas (40:1 gas to oil). replaced gas but mower would not turn over. If I prime while holding the lever to the carb open mower starts and runs for about 30-40 sec then chockes out.

Any suggestions?

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The 40/1 gas won't hurt. Sounds like your main jet is blocked

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I am having the same problem as others here.. I changed the plastic carb bowl with a new kit.. Mine has a yellow nozzle and once i installed it the gas is very slowly leaking from the yellow nozzle.. I remove the bowl to see if the float is stopping the gas flow once it is filled and it is working properly.. I noticed that this plastic yellow nozzle sits on a spring and i am not sure if i should push it all the way down.. Any help will be appreciated..

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I too have the Craftsman Eager 1/6.75 hp with tecumseh carb,but with the metal bowl and recently had trouble with it staying running for more than 20 seconds.If I hit the primer bulb it would power up again for another short time and want to die out.Removed carburetor with intake pipe connected,(didn't want to rip the whole thing down).It wasn't till I turned the carb upside down with the bowl off that I realized the inlet needle(that attaches to the float)was sticking. Sprayed carb cleaner down tube and cleaned the needle the best I could, now it's running great again.

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Recently had same problem on mine

I've got the metal bowl on mine with a brass bolt holding it on the carb

I removed the bolt and cleaned some crap from the small holes at the base of the bolt and blew carb cleaner through the end and cleaned the bowl

Put her back together and she runs like a champ now

BTW, to save myself the confusion of what fuel is premixed for my weedeater and my bike and what is not, I've been using premix at 50:1 for the past 7 years on this mower. I've never used Stabil and the mower always easily starts every Spring

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Hi, i own craftman lawn mower that's about 6~7 years old. Model number is 917.374430. There's only 2 women living in this household so we don't know much about machinery. but I will do my best to describe what's going on with my mower.

Last time when I left my sister to mow the lawn, she couldn't do it, saying mower keep dying on her. She could not give me anymore description to me.
Today I tried to mow the lawn and had exactly same problem.

I can turn it on but it won't stay running. It will die in less then 20 sec. It was only couple of second at first but I changed engine oil and etc. then it started running little longer but not enough to mow the lawn at all.

All I can describe is even when it starts, I hear some clanking metal noise that I didn't hear before. It sounds as if the propeller (not the blade) is hitting something. And engine sounds like it's coughing even though there's no smoke.

What am I suppose to do?!

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Take it to a mechanic and have it evaluated! Sound like you might not have put enough oil in the engine. Or, too much! Did you pour the oil into the gas tank by mistake? Are you describing an airplane engine, or a lawn mower engine? Lawn mowers do not have propellers, only a blade! Better read my first sentence again! Did you put the oil into the engine until it reached the top of the dip-stick tube? If so, it has way too much oil in it! Read my first sentence again!

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The only things that clank are valves and connecting rods. I will assume that you have the proper oil level. It's time to have someone look at the mower, or buy a good used one.

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FIXED it with a SIMPLE method. After 3 days of frustration. Briggs and Stratton engine (probably one of the cheapest).

As you say runs a for just a few seconds after priming. Fuel filter okay, changed gas, etc.

What I did, primed it, started it. When it was running I primed it again. Before it could die, I primed it again. I did this 5 or 6 times. After that, it ran on its own and I was able to mow the lawn.

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Himav: Great to Hear you fixed your Problem....So What Was it to Begin With Roflmbo !

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I have the same problem with a model 917.377822 -- a Briggs and Stratton 7.0 Hp engine. It's run very well for three years, and I've kept it maintained. Oil levels OK and air filter clean. But now after running for a few seconds it dies.

I've tried hilmay's re-priming trick, and as long as the primer is permanently pressed in it runs. But after letting the primer go the engine still dies. I've done this a dozen times.

So, any suggestions about next steps? I'd be happy to take the carb apart and clean it. But the manual isn't helpful in that regard, nor is the schematic that Craftsman posts. Not sure where to start in that disassembly. Is there a better diagram somewhere, and can anyone walk me through the steps? Thanks.

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i had the mower running poorly once with a badly clogged air filter. i took it off to clean it. i spilled gas on it (i think i had it next to the mower when i was adding gas in it). i had it cranked without the air filter and it ran great. i would put the air filter back in and the mower would cut off. air filter should always be checked first since it is the easiest to check.

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I have craftsman lawnmower model 917374801 with a honda engine the fuel floods my air breather has anyone have a solution to this problem

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Sticking fuel inlet valve or float within the carburator . Give the float bowl a tap with a plastic screw driver handle . If this does not solve remove the float bowl and check internals .

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OMG. This thread just gets worse and worse. What we need is the return of the Pulsa-Jet carbs!

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Had the same problem getting started this season with my craftsman 22" 4.75HP mower -- changed oil and air filter, mower would start but immediately die. I took the screw out of the carbuerator and cleaned the three very small holes with water and a rag, blew air through the holes to make sure they were clear. When I put it back together, it fired right up and worked as normal.

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Model # 917 386620
Serial # 091996M 009431
4.0 HP
20 Inch

change the Spark plug and change fuel, but still won't start.

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Roflmbo , bring on the Pulsa - Jet lol .

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polkmike(9b ( NE Polk Co. ))

Jay (and anyone else finding this thread w/ the same problem):
Most complete set of videos taking you step-by-step thru Tecumseh carb cleaning :
If after you've done his steps and mower still fires then stalls within a couple seconds, as mine continued to do, then either clamp or tie or bungie-cord that 'dead-mans' lever so when you pull the cord you can quickly scoot around to that bulb on the carb, continue pushinging that while holding the throttle open to increase revs for 10 -15 seconds while it warms. That does the trick here.

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I was having a similar issue: The lawnmower (Craftsman 917.372852) would start then immediately die... however, if I held down the primer button it would continue to run. I tried several things mentioned here and in other forums... though never replaced any parts (other than the spark plug). Today, I tightened the tension screw (for the switch allowing the engine to run faster or slower) above the primer button and it ran and continued to run! The engine is running a little fast and sometimes dies due to tall, damp grass (I live in the N.W. and it's Spring!); but it starts again with no problem!!!
So far it seems to running fine! I plan on replacing the air filter and filling the tank with fresh gas before the next mow... hopefully this will completely resolve all issues. :)
**Thank you John_2006 for mentioning the flathead screw around the primer button... I would have never tried tightening it if I hadn't read your post. :)**

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I just fixed mine not even 5 mins ago. I took carb off drained all the gas. Then I took off fuel line. Sprayed solvent cleaner in tank to clean it out. Took apart carb (it is not hard to do) took out o rings. Then cleaned out all the jets with carb cleaner. The bolt on the bottom of the carb bowl has 3 holes in it. 2 on the side 1 on top. The one on top had something in it. I took a wire out of a trash bag tie and got it out. Then I soaked the bolt in carb cleaner (take the black gasket off before soaking). Then cleaned all o rings and put them back in. Put carb back on. Filled up with new gas (from a clean gas can). Runs like new cut the grass not one problem. It will only take you about a hour to do this if you have never done one before. You can get carb cleaner and solvent cleaner at any auto parts store.
Tools I needed for job were-
1 Pick (to make sure jets were clear, and clean them)
2 Trash bag tie
3 1/4 ratchet
4 1/4 inch socket
5 8 mm socket
6 10 mm socket
7 13 mm socket
8 Flat head screw driver
9 Phillips head screw driver
10 Needle nose pliers
11 1/4 extension
12 Solvent cleaner
13 Carb cleaner
Its not hard and not worth paying someone to do for you. Good luck I hope this can help some of you with your problems. Fill free to email me if you have a ?. I am not a expert on mowers. But maybe I could help you with yours.

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My Craftsman 3 in 1 lawn mower has a 6 HP engine.
I'm having the same problem with carburetor related
start then die behavior.

I don't see identification as to the make of engine.
Did Craftsman produce their own? I would think Tecumseh,
or Briggs and Stratton, but cannot find ID.

? ? ?

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I was able to fix mine by just taking the main jet (bolt in bottom of carb bowl) off and soaking in carb cleaner. Put it back on and whalla, runs like new. No new float, no pins, didn't even take the carb off the mower.

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Here is a great video i found on YouTube for the craftsman carb. Go to YouTube and type in the search -Tecumseh composite machined mower carb rebuild. There is a part 1 and part 2 of this video. I found it to be helpful. Fought my rotten Craftsman mower and used the info from this video and no more problems.

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What I need to do?

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I have a craftsman mower as many of you have already discussed, it has the aluminum housing and composite bowl. The mower is hard to start as if the primer does not work and after I do get it started it has a miss as though the engine is speeding up and slowing down at a fast pace. I have some mechanical experience but this one has me stumped. I have replaced the composite bowl, primer, gas line, spark plug and removered the aluminum part of the carbuator and cleaned it completely and verified all openings are clear, removed the gas tank cleaned completely and put in fresh gas. I can spray small shots of carb cleaner into the carb and the engine will smooth out for a few seconds the start to miss again. Does anyone have more ideas.

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I just had this problem on my Craftsman with a Briggs 6.75 HP engine. I brought it to a shop who cleaned the carb and told me that there was a problem with the gasket between the air filter and the carb which he attempted to fix with some sealant. $65 later I started it up and made one pass when the engine stopped and I could not get it started again. I had bought a replacement part at his suggestion which is the "air cleaner base". It was $19.20 at Sears. When I took the base off I noticed that his sealant had completely failed and the gasket was now in 3 pieces. I put on the new part in under 30 seconds, put the three screws back on and tried again. It stopped and started twice, but on the third try it stayed on and I mowed my whole yard. This piece comes with the primer attached to it. Not sure if this will help everyone but for under $20 and less than 5 minutes total to do the work it might be worth a try. I wish I had known this a week ago. Good luck to all

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This happen to me and it sounds like the float in the carb could be stuck open

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I got the same problem as well. Thanks! So I started to clean my carburetor and a screw fell to the floor. It is about an inch long and comes to a point on one end. The other end has a head with a groove (looks like it would hold a spring). Anyone know what this is for and where I should put it? thanks in advance!!

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I'd like to keep this thread alive by saying I have a 22" Crafstman mower with 6HP Briggs & Stratton that I purchased 15 years ago. I have done NOTHING except fill it up with gas and cut grass, time after time. Maybe topped off the oil once. Also,when having trouble starting, I take sand paper to the spark plug to get rid of the carbon.
Anyways, she finally died with the symptoms as everybody else on the thread. I already took most the mower apart including cylinder head which revealed gouges in the cylinder wall and should still start, but with smoke.
With the advice on this thread, I will spray out the carb with cleaner and make sure everything is moving OK.
Hopefully I can keep this guy going a little longer, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Just wanted to post something to say that this forum/thread solved my problem, even though I do not have a Craftsman lawnmower.

I have a 8 year Troy-Bilt mower, that has slowly started to run rougher over time and eventually failed to stay running in the past few weeks. I could only keep it running 2-3 minutes at a time if I held the primer button in 1/4 of the way.

After seeing these posts, I checked the carb bowl (where the fuel float is contained) and cleaned out the bottom bolt, and the debris in the bottom cup. When I put it back together and restarted it, it ran like it was new from the store. I had zero issue with it for the next hour as I (dare I say) happily mowed my lawn without any problems.

I then went to Lowes and bought a inline filter (mower did not originally have one) to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for the insight everyone!


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I had same problem with immediate shutdown after starting. Replaced spark plug, air filter and gasoline with no change. Removed brass bolt from bottom of carb and squirted carb cleaner in all holes. Replaced brass bolt and it started right up and ran perfectly. Thanks.

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I wish I could help on this but I am so lost. My Craftsman Model 917.384030 starts OK but the blades do not engage so it does not cut. Any solutions? I'd really appreciate your help.

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My Eager-1 6.75 HP mulch/bag is hard to prime, but will run easily after I get it going. Not much for RPM, and will stall on any heavy grass. With 6.75 HP, I would think it would cut thru rock. The blade is sharp, but I will try to sharpen it some more tonight. She leaks oil like a sieve. Think I will have to change out the gaskets. Suppose I will need a complete kit. Has never had the oil changed, figures, right? I think I will customize the kill switch with a button and take the spring off. I always that the handle was overkill. I need to recover some power and increase the RPM. I know the air filter is bad, so add that. The spark is very light and weak. any ideas to help this stay alive?

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My problem is a little different. The engine starts ok in the garage, and runs fine on the level, but point it downhill and it stalls after just a few seconds. It will cut fine going up hill, or backing down hill, but the neighbors are laughing at me.
Any ideas?

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I hope this helps someone. I installed the bowl kit for my Tecumseh 6.75 hp lawn mower engine. I can't understand why a short list of instructions couldn't be included. After installing it, it still wouldn't run, so I took it apart again. Gas draining through the filter housing made me look at the float. The kit when sent doesn't have the pin to hold the float in place installed. It came out of the zip lock bag the parts came in and was loose in the box. After seeing the place for a pin in the bowl and no pin I looked in the box and found it. After that put it back together and it runs like new.

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To solve this problem, all I did was remove the air filter and spray Carb Cleaner with the motor running. A puff of black smoke came out, and no more motor stalling problems.
Also, I used a stiff brush to clean out the grass sludge from around the carb so that the throttle moves freely.

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BUMPITY BUMP BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a Craftsman model #917378060 with a Briggs & Stratton engine. Won't run unless I feed it fuel by pressing the prime button.

Haven't taken apart engines, but I'm handy and can figure things out. My questions are 1) what is the best source for a manual, and 2) what is the source for the parts you all reference in this thread?

Thanks for your help to this novice!

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Remove the "Brass Nut" holding the carburetor bowl on.
That's your Main Jet.
Clean ALL the tiny holes in it with a fine wire like a wire tie from a loaf of bread.

You can go to the Briggs website and get an engine OM & IPL.

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I too have a mower 6.75 B&S it dies when I go down hill.Any info on this would be great. Thanks.

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