Any idea for these brown spots

trbodon21July 5, 2013

Hello, as you can see from the attached photo I am having issues with brown spots on my lawn. My guess is brown patch fungus due to the over 10 inches of rain we had in June, however I am not certain.

Any suggestions or ideas on my issue and solutions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Is that fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, or a mix?

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Its a mix. I fertilized about 4 weeks ago with a 20-0-8 mix. I noticed the beginings of these spots about 2 weeks ago so I put some corn meal down as I heard this can help if I do have brown patch.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Since the rain, how have you been watering? And what has the weather been like (temps, clouds, etc.)?

Sometimes Kentucky bluegrass will go dormant in summer heat while the fescue remains green. That leads to a look similar to what you have with the mix of grasses. But if you have been watering too much since the rain, that could result in a fungus.

Yes I have corn meal down right now for a fungus in my back yard. It has always worked for me. I have a discussion going on another forum with a guy who has never had it work for him. We're trying to sort out why.

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I actually haven't been watering at all because of the rain. I have a cheap moisture meter and have been checking to ensure im not too dry and it seems to be fine. Within the last week we have been full sun and in high 80s to 90s. Prior to a week ago it was 80s with partial to full cloud coverage.

Its interesting what you mentioned about the Kentucky blue as I have had similar locations go brown like this in the past that I just attributed to fungus.

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My lawn looks almost the same. I'm in Rockland County NY. I think its a fungal disease, but not sure which one,or how to treat it...I'm a beginner compared to some on this board. Hopefully someone can help you, and keep us posted if and when the corn meal works.

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I live in central Massachusetts and have the same look in my mixed grass lawn. With all of the rain in June (over 10") we have recieved, I haven't started to water until July 1st. I thought it may have been lacking water.
My son's lawn service has warned them of red thread fungus and recommended not water until after July 4th.
Our temperatures have been in the high 80s to low 90s for the last week.

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I guess we will see what happens. I'm going to water tomorrow as now I fear the rest of my lawn is beginning to dry out from the high temperatures.

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has your lawn improved?
were you able to find out what was causing the brown spots?
my lawn still has the same look, and i have no idea what the problem might be.
good luck,

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reed_nj(Central NJ 6A)

Count me in as having the same issue. Here too, lots and lots of rain, now in the mid-90s for the next couple days. I thought that grubs might be the culprit as we have a lot of Japanese Beetles on our shrubs. A quick look under one of the brown patches didn't reveal any grubs.

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My lawn hasn't progressed any worse, however it is not improving. As previously mentioned I put down corn meal a few weeks ago. I have been watering as needed due to the hot weather but not everyday.

Stumped, not sure what to do next.


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If you have brown patch, which I think you probably do have, then it's not going to resolve quickly. While BP generally doesn't kill the grass plant, the affected areas usually take time to regreen, and often this won't occur till fall when temps are lower. Corn meal might help over time, but applications at the time of active disease are not going to do much.

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You fertilized in July, now you have fungus central.

For all of those with the same conditions, get a bag of Headway G, Heritage G, Pillar G, or even Disarm G from your local John Deere (formally Lesco) store and apply it to your lawn. Water in the morning to activate the fungicide (not much water is needed) then sharpen the mower's blade for good measure.

I'm down in Raleigh, NC with a Bluegrass lawn and zero brown patches, granted that it has been hotter up there than here this summer.

BTW, Kentucky bluegrass does not go dormant like that (pictures above) during the summer, it brown/light green evenly distrubuted across the turf.

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I forgot to mention, you're probably looking at Summer Patch or Necrotic Ring Spot in its early stages. Both of these diseases are lethal to Kentucky Bluegrass, so act quickly (get fungicide down asap) before is too late.

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I used Pillar G at curative rate a few times 14 days apart. Seems to help, I think it's stopping it from spreading more than a cure at this point. I waited a little to long to treat but it's good stuff.

I also rotate fungicides, I picked up Docket DF too. I'm hoping in a month or so I won't need them....til next year. Never ending battle, my lawn is mostly tttf so brown patch is an issue almost every year.

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Over seed with Kentucky Bluegrass (elite types only) in the Fall, it is VERY resistant to Brown Patch. If you are trying to grow a pure stand of Tall Fescue without using fungicide, you will always have Brown Patch in your neck of the woods. Best to mix it with Bluegrass, however, you still need fungicides with that mixture if you want a perfectly green lawn during the summer months.

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I will give that fungicide a try. Thanks.

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