Days till you can mow after fertilizing

tuck479July 5, 2011

This is a silly question but one that I have always many days need to pass before it is alright to mow after you have fertilized? I am referring to granular fertilizing (Nitrogen 34-0-0 type on Bermuda) and watering in the fertilizer once done. Is it okay to mow a couple of days after or should you wait longer? Thanks!

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Billl(z7 nc)

If you water it in, you should wait until the grass is dry. There is no need to wait longer.

However, if you are using a weed-n-feed type product, you should wait as long as practical so the product has time to absorb through the blades.

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Mow just before you apply 34-0-0, then apply the fertilizer, then water in thoroughly. You should be able to mow at the next scheduled mowing.

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Ok, thank you all!

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It is a good question and the answer might surprise you. Assuming you watered it in, anytime after it dries.

However do not fertilize immediately right after mowing. OK to mow in the morning, but wait at least until the evening to fertilize. Reason is when cut the ends of the grass blades need to dry, or scab over so to speak. The dust from the fertilizer can stick to the wet ends of fresh cut grass and burn the tips.

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good tip!! thanks Texas Weed!

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Weed: I've been doing it that way with prilled 34-0-0 since 1983. I've never had the burn you are referring to. Have you never dissolved 34-0-0 and applied it as a sprayable?

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