use for some old farm equipment? ideas anyone?

nathan1991November 26, 2012

We recently have been clearing up the property/farm of my grandfather who has passed on. and there are so many little pieces of things that i think would be so neat to use in the garden, but i have no idea what to do with them.
some items that i would love to use:
metal tilling discs
packer rings
loads of small 3-5" gears
v-shaped furrow plows

all of these things were meant to attach to equipment for tractors. i hope you know what they are. my names for them might be off slightly lol i never had to use this stuff.
i was thinking that i could make some sort of fountain with them, or several metal 'disc flowers' with the plows acting as leaves at the base of the flower. etc idk any ideas are more that appreciated.

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Marlene Kindred

First of all, welcome! Second of all...I am totally envious of all of the great things you have found on your Grandfather's farm! Too cool! There are all sorts of things you can create with farm implements and parts. I attached a link to my garden junk album, but if you type in "tinfoilhat" or "jeannespines" you will find some wonderful creations of theirs as well using all sorts of rusty farm type stuff.

Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Junk creations

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I,too, have used some of the things you mentioned.
I put 2 4x4s in the ground and attached a pallet
to the top side of them (I don't have a wooden fence to put things on) and attached the things to the pallets.
also made flowers with rebar stems from some of the
'round' items. I don't have pictures.

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marlene_2008 your garden junk album is Fantastic!!! Went all the way through it. Love totems and all the fun things you did with the old farm bits and pieces.

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Thank you so much for the welcome. i have been a lurker on the the potager garden and houseplant threads for some time but never have ventured out until now.
marlene that is an amazing collection!! i love the praying mantis! that has got to be the coolest thing ever!
as we continue to clean out and collect the fun bits from the farm i will have to load up some photos of the finished product. all of 'farm junk' will find it's way into my potager garden one way or another i am sure lol!
might i ask what your first piece was that you made? i don't think that i am up for something so involved as some of yours, lol. i doubt i have enough skill to do that now, but something relatively basic i would love to see!

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Marlene Kindred

I'm not even sure I can remember what the first thing we made out of farm type stuff DH makes most of the sculpture and I stick to the totems, etc. I help with creating and finding the pieces, but he is the welder. One of the simplest things we've made is our metal sphere out of barrel rings. He just drilled a hole through the top and bottom and we put them together with a nut and bolt.

We also just put things on our fence and out in the yard. We have a full hay rake in our pine trees and a couple of metal wheels.

Windchimes would be relatively simple and you can use some of the pieces to "junk up" birdhouses.

Please post pictures of some of your finds and of your creations! We love photos!

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Love the barrel bands ball. Going to keep my eye out for some of them. Your totems are so Gorgeous. I have the same plow less the handles. An old corn planter and a Fresno in our Faux court yard. Oh and my husbands Grandfathers grinding stone.

Link is from 2009. We moved here 2008 to bare land new manufactured home so things were just getting started in our yard. It has now evolved several times and really hoping 2013 will be the year of making things really fun now I am finally fully retired.

And my latest project creating a room in our yard at a small transition area that would not grow grass and even when it did it was too narrow to turn the riding mower around in. My husband mows, what we call, the lower part of the yard. LOL He wants to do this so it is a help to make it easier for him. I plan on planting some hosta on the bank by the green fence and some morning glories at the bed frames. The area is some what shady in the summer. Finally some shade here from BARE land in 2008. I thought a brand new yard would be so fun and easy to put together with out having to work around some one eases ideas but it has been hard for me. Mostly to make up my mind what to put where. There are several pictures. Thumbnails to the right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old plow.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow have some great "stuff"! Love all of galvanized tubs and your porch is really pretty! Pretty totems and I love the millstone and/or grinding stone. You have done a lot of work and your flowers are beautiful as well!

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Thank you Marlene, I had to dump most of the tubs last year but do plan on filling them again this coming summer. Thought to do tippy pots of the smaller buckets. I feel the potting soil needed to be renewed anyway.

I have high hopes for next spring and ready to play again.


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Idaho you have a great supply of garden junk stuff!
There are some things that I don't have---envy!!!LOL
I do have a hayrake, and a plow, but my plow will soon
lose its handles, altho I try to spray them with clear
spray every year.

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