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timtsb(7a)July 31, 2014

I'm prepping for my fall repairs. When looking for the best price for herbicides, I discovered EH Griffith. While at their site I decided to check out what seed they have to offer. Their TTTF mix includes the following:
15% Traverse SRP Tall Fescue
15% Inferno Tall Fescue
15% Cochise IV Tall Fescue
15% Firecracker LS Tall Fescue
15% Hemi Tall Fescue
18% Bullseye Tall Fescue
7.00% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass

I'm not thrilled about the Bluegrass in the mix...I have and was planning for 100% TTTF, so, question 1 - am I being too picky?

But the bigger question - Help me decipher the 112 page NTEP data! I started researching the cultivars in the above mix and found the NTEP data. There are so many different tests from so many different areas on so many different cultivars. How do I determine what is best for my location (Jersey shore)? Should I only focus on the NJ tests, or perhaps certain areas have more reliable data than others? Are there specific tests I should be looking at? Is there a summary (if so I can't find it)? I just want to buy the best seed for my lawn...HELP!!

(NTEP Link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: NTEP Tall Fescue

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Clearly I'm not getting any help here...Morph, where the heck is everyone? I haven't seen a post from dchall, Andy, or tiemco in weeks. I hope they're not abandoning the forum...

Rather than have this thread go to total waste, maybe you can answer a simpler question - the only good fescue seed I can find locally contains 20% Brooklawn KBG. I was trying to avoid KBG because I'm afraid of it going brown in the summer. Do you have any pros and cons of pure fescue vs fescue/KBG mix?

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Tim, I think I read once that it is really slow around this time. Vacations etc.... good luck!

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>>Clearly I'm not getting any help here...Morph, where the heck is everyone?

Picture me shrugging. However, last week of July, first week of August...big vacation period.

I'd've answered your question if I could have given any good advice other than, "Read the one closest to your local area." Barring that, the one closest to the same climate.

Other than that, what you evaluate depends on what's important to you. I was most interested in color (graduating from a not very disease resistant cultivar, anything would be better) and winter performance.

If that data isn't available for one particular site, check others. And again, choose the closest geographically or the closest climatically depending on how far afield you have to go.

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