Small round holes near brown spots

lawnladyJuly 18, 2013

Having a heck of a time with my lawn this season. June "monsoons" followed by a heat wave. I just put down corn meal hoping to cure brown spots that might be fungus...rotting grass...or I don't know what. I noticed some small holes about the size of a pencil eraser near some of the worst brown areas. The grass doesn't pull out easily as it would for grubs, but could there be some other bug causing this? I spotted some other round holes that were a bit larger near a maple tree. No signs of tunneling. I'm in Rochester, NY with a KBG and PR lawn...some bentgrass has returned after I thought it was gone for good- murdered it twice with Roundup last year. The KBG is Midnight from Summit Seed as is the PR. I raised my mower, stopped doing my favored golf course cut, used Alfalfa meal once a month since May and really thought that this year would be different, but as soon as the rains ended and the heat hit 90's, everything started going down hill. We've watered during the heat but I don't see much impovement...won't know if the corn meal is working for a few weeks. As for the holes?? Clueless. Thanks for any info you can supply.

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