Did you ever watch the show 'HOARDERS' ?

toomuchglass(5)November 16, 2010

I know all of us here have our precious stashes ! A couple episodes ago ,they were trying to get a hoarder ,who was an artist, to clean up her house. I caught one comment that the professional organizer said - & it cracked me up .

He said

" Artists are the hardest people to get to throw things away . They see a FUTURE PROJECT in everything that we can't see ".

I laughed so hard -- even DH agreed with that statement !

PS --- I've really started to keep tabs on my Hoarding --- I mean collecting ..... a few more piles & I'll be on that show !!!!!

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I've been avoiding that show, for fear that I may recognize myself... It certainly is true that the more artistic you are, the more potential you see in stuff. I have WAY too much potential projects!

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That is SO true!

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Bob, my DH, has been told that he should be on that show! lol! I have to constantly stop him from buying stuff that he doesn't need. I can be a hoarder too and have to catch myself when I want to spend too much money on something I can't use right away or don't have room to store.

I always tell people that Bob died of starvation in a past life because he likes to hoard food. So it's not just "junk" he collects either.

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I don't think of it as "Hoarding " but recycleing. At least that's what I keep telling my husband. I also remember what my mother used to say " waste not, want not!!!

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

I love that show!!
And have you seen all of the great items that are going out into the big dumpsters?

Really makes me glad that we are in the rv now and no longer have the space to store great items!!

We were becoming HOARDERS!!

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I like to watch that show once in a while, as well as any other type of show like that because when it's over I have to frantically CLEAN something! My family always laughs at me since I just have to get something organized. So, it's really a motivational show for me! ;-)

I still love my "stuff" though....

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Like Marlene, I watch it every once in a while, it actually makes me feel better, because I'm no where near that bad. It inspires me to thin things out and donate them or at least to get organized.

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Nope...I turn the channel!...very depressing show! Firm believer of "what's one man's junk is another man's treasure." Jeanne S.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

OH MY GOSH I am addicted to it! I found it is ON DEMAND so I watch it when hubby is not home. He hates it.
It makes me want to clean and I need that push!
I am very interested in the MENTAL aspect of it.It is interesting to find out WHY they insist on keeping EVERYTHING and what has set them off. ButThe dirty part is hard to accept. I mean the cobwebs and food and feces. That part must come from laziness brought on by depression I am caring for an OCD aunt. She sees a speck of dirt and insists it is a mountain.She has lost a husband and only son and I think it may be the same thing that brings it on,,,,maybe.

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I love to see what makes people tick ! If anyone came in & decided to throw away my "stuff" -- I'd die. I have "future projects" in my mind for everything . Nobody else can see it but me !!!

It might take me till 2020 .... I'll never be bored !! LOL

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I hate hoarders---probably because I hoard-LOL
But this should have been posted on the conversations

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I watch it occassionally to help keep me from keeping too much.

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I think all of us on Garden Junk can relate to hoarders in some way. I like the comment about seeing a future project in things that others don't see. If I didn't watch myself and purge things that I've had for years and never made into a "creation", I think I could probably become a hoarder. It is always hard to get rid of something, because sure enough I'll need it later. On Hoarders they show extreme cases. Thankfully, I'm not there...YET!!!

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spedigrees z4VT

I am at once relieved that I am nowhere near this point of chaos, and at the same time terrified that I could get to this state if I do not keep up the effort to conduct periodic purges.

The older I get, the more I have experienced regret at parting with various items, everything from the sentimental, such as old letters, to the utilitarian, such as boxes, bottles, or miscellaneous junk when a use for them surfaces and I find they have been discarded. So it grows harder and harder to toss stuff without second thoughts.

I become really angry with the "organizers" in some episodes who fling the hoarders' useful and unsoiled belongings into a dumpster rather than use a "FREE" sign at curbside, list on freecycle, or take to a thrift store.

Also these "organizers" seem to have no notion of the meaning of sentimental and irreplacable. I think the most egregious examples were talking a woman into parting with a beautiful vintage rocking horse in mint condition that was the first toy she had given her baby son long ago. It was lovely, original, sentimental, and should have stayed as a centerpiece in her livingroom. They would not have wrested that treasure from me, I can assure you! Also convincing a lady to toss her photographic negatives into the trash because she had prints of them in a photo album really took the cake. As if the photographic dyes would never fade or the need for another clear original never surface. My blood boils at the thought. Talk about irreplacable.

On the other hand I've lost beloved items in the clutter when I've really let things go - never permanently, they have resurfaced, but it gives me pause.

I think everyone has a different comfort level for clutter. When I cleaned out the spare room a few years back, the result was so stark and desolate and I quickly replaced some pictures on the wall and other stuff that I had removed. Now the junk in that room is piling up again and it's time to de-clutter again, but this time I won't be so thorough. My comfort level definitely requires lots of colorful furnishings and an abundance of pet hair (and pets)in every room with most wall space covered with pictures and shelves crammed with knick knacks to feel like home.

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