How do I increase the RPM on B&S engine

rolmAugust 3, 2008

Have a mower with a 2002 year B&S Quantum 6.5-HP, The engine runs nice and smooth problem is it seems to be running to slow I would like to increase the RPM I do not see any adjustments on the Carb.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Remove the air filter and you will see a tang with the governor spring attached. Gently bend the tang to put more tension on the spring. This is best done with a tach, don't get carried away and cause the engine to grenade.

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I do not see a tang, I did move the spring to a small hole that was a bit further out ( more tension on the spring) this has increased the rpm a bit.

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I have had a lot of mowers brought to me for repair, where people tried to "increase the RPM " by tinkering with the governor. I pointed to the hole in the crank case and told them to buy a new mower. Most of these engines are plain bearing engines (bushings everywhere) they cannot tollerate anything above 3500 rpm.

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eagleman35(5b MO)

The mower shop will check with a tach before adj RPM

If needed with charge 10-12 for the 10 min this takes.

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See the posting on this page titled:

"idle very high with no adjustment"

There is a picture there.

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