What do you fill your pots with when the plants are done?

jessewo(5 PA)November 20, 2011

I tend a relative's outdoors-the house is in town right on the sidewalk & for years I've planted a few plastic pots to sit on the sidewalk by the stairs. Last year, someone must have scooped one up & off they went! I had a neighbor who moved & didn't want to take several small but very heavy cement planters & I thought OK-you won't walk off with THESE!

So I planted them with annuals & sure enough the neighborhood kids (I think the "theft" was really just a prank & it was an old pot anyway!)didn't mess with them, but they weigh a ton & I don't want to move them either!

I'm looking for ideas for something to put in them for winter that I can do once & won't look like we left the Christmas decorations out until May! I have a load of pinecones that are getting the glue gun treatment, but you look like a creative bunch-any ideas?

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Marlene Kindred

Branches, greenery and pine cones will work just fine. Stick in a few Magnolia leaves if you have them too. I leave my evergreens out in my pots all winter.

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hardy rosemary? could pick up fir tree shaped ones about now. looks good year round

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This is my copper kettle on the patio... I have 2 large plastic pots in it from summer flowers ... now I stick pine branches into the dirt in those pots & all around...throw in some loose pinecones, added some Curly Willow sticks & moved a cast iron bunny to the front of it ...plus a birchwood tree that DH had experimented w/cutting out.

Have fun w/your pinecones ...I've seen some neat cone trees w/pinecones glued on! Jeanne S.

I also use gourds & Fall stuff w/pinecones ...here's enamel pot on my Baker's Rack on the patio (for winter)...it was my herb garden container.

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I stick evergreen branches in mine. In fact I'll be headed out this weekend to pick the branches. I try to get a variety of evergreens.

For December, I add some branches that I spray paint red or silver. In January I add some little snowmen on sticks. I add some hearts for February. I get rid of them in March and put my pansies out.

We're in the planning stages of a garage renovation. When we widen the driveway, I'm thinking of some large cedar planters to form the boundary between lawn and driveway. I'm thinking of some dwarf conifers in those planters. I would put annuals around the base in the spring, summer and fall. And for the winter I could decorate like I do my front step containers.

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You should be able to pick up small fake Christmas trees at thrift stores now. Those would be cute too. No watering required. lol

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