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flowers12November 19, 2011

Today I sold at a Craft Fair that was held at a College Fair Trade Bazaar. I sold at this one last year and for my very first ever craft fair I made about $280 which I thought was pretty good. This year I was surpised at how many inexpensive items were being sold. Lots of handmade jewelry, crocheted xmas ornaments, hair ribbons, cards, soaps and lots of doodads all for $1, $2, up to $5 items. There was one booth that had wonderful handmade wooden birdcages that they were selling for $12 and $20. I sold 10 items and made about the same as last year. Of course everyone was gushing with how "beautiful" everything was and that some had never seen the glass flowers before. There were several women who said they made these too. hmmmm no wonder I can't find any good glass pieces anymore. My prices were from $15 - $35 and my little mushrooms were $5 or 3 for 12. All in all I did okay but my dh and I are beat. My sister and her dh came and stayed to help us pack up at the end. Bless them because we were really tired since we got there at 7:30 and it was over at 3. Next one is in two weeks.


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Maybe more small items is what sellers thought they should do or were they new people trying to make a few bucks. If unemployment in your area is up or same as last year I imagine that folks are spending on gifts & not for themselves. Glad you did that well. Friend's son made oak pic frames & they were beautiful, but she was trying to "push" them & they were much more expensive

than most other items except beautiful afghans that sold for something like $30 which meant she got the yarn paid for & not her time. They sold as gifts for their children,warm & cozy for winter. Perhaps in spring things will go better or closer to Christmas when some are frantically trying to find something for someone special! Hope next 1 is better! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Congratulations on your sales.
Be sure to let us know how the next one goes.

The problem with the glass stuff is that it IS exhausting to set up and take down because displays have to be sturdy, and the product itself is heavy and breakable.
I'm thinking I'll be the only one around here selling plate flowers for the next year and when other people start I may try selling something lighter! (and teaching plate flower classes, lol)

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I was disappointed by the small booth area we got. Last year we were in the open and had lots of room to spread out. Being confined to this small space made it particularly difficult to set up and everything was crammed together. We have a dolly so moving the heavy items was a little easier. I must say that the glass is so beautiful under the lights and everyone would stop and look at it. One lady said "Your booth is the most beautiful one here" Crafters are really nice people and meeting them is a real plus when you do a show. I'm looking forward to the next show. It will be a very small one in a very tiny library but last year I did pretty good there. It's part of a Christmas Home Tour and everyone comes into the library at the end to submit their tickets for a raffle. I'm going to finish up the plate flowers I started and didn't get done and then I'll be ready for the next show. By the way, it was amusing how last year I sold many more totems than plate flowers and this year I sold more plate flowers than totems.

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Sounds like you did really good, flowers!

My DH & I don't do craft shows anymore but we always did a few for many, many we do Farmer's Mrkt on Sat. morns from May - Oct (we pick & choose which we do about twice a mo.)...rain, vacations, Gr'kids, etc. are priorities in our choosing. LOL! & setting up & packing IS lots of work! (ugh!)

But booth size is a 'killer' for items like yours (& ours...which was birdhouses, feeders, framed photos, benches, etc) that is an important factor which choosing to participate. Your booth looks very pretty for the limited space you had! ;-)

Advertising is the key, can have beautiful set-up, beautiful product but you must have people coming thru! Do you have any 'summer' activities nearby? Your flowers would be a BIG hit for gardeners! A town nearby us has a big festival one weekend & they set up crafters/artists for half a day.

Around here it seems that 'craft shows' are dying out or changing...not as much 'handmade' items...& also w/stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc (which I LOVE BTW!) can offer so many decorating items that makes a difference, too. I still love a GOOD craft show & enjoy buying gifts!

Good luck on the next one...sounds like a great place cause it will be bringing in lots of people! TFS! Jeanne S.

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