Honda HRR21 not cutting grass

BearfAugust 4, 2013

I just bought a brand new Honda HHR2169 mulcher/bagger. It has the dual blades. I have been mowing for 50 years and had this one.. The mower on mulch setting leaves a strip of grass on the right side that isn't cut. It's consistent, so I'm wondering if there's a flaw in design. I mow high when it's hot, having been a turf guys for a few years in my life. If I run back over the strip it gets cut, but it make mowing the yard more of a chore. If you set a yardstick on the inside of the two right wheels, that's about the position the strip is in, and it's about 2 inches wide. It's very maddening, especially for a Honda. I had may last one 24 years before the drive wheels finally fell apart and it was wonderful. This one is not making me happy to have spent the money. I like a lot of the features, but after all, it is supposed to MOW the grass in one pass.....Wheels are at same setting, height is about 3" to base of the deck. I've also tried varying the speed to no avail. Other than mowing every other strip at half the width of the mower, the uncut strip remains consistent. Looks like a kid mowed the lawn. Would like to see if Honda has a comment.

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Best advise would be to take it back.

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Bearf: I am having the exact same problem that you described above. Bought my mower new in April 2013, and it has left the mohawk of grass on the right side since it came out of the box. I have played around with the deck and sharpened the blades but nothing improves the situation. I called Honda figuring that this must be a recall issue but they claimed to be unaware of any problems. Were you able to get any resolution or do you have any advice on what is causing this? I'm tired of double cutting, wish I would've just taken it back the day I bought it. The model is HRR216VKA. Thanks, you can email me at

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Any chance you took the blades off and reinstalled them improperly/backwards. A honda mulcher should only leave that slime cut grass trail if the blades on wrong or it's cutting in 1' tall sopping wet conditions. The latter isn't Hondas could either.

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You could try using only the lower blade. I had to do that on my HRB216TDA because it 'pureed' the grass, leaving slime trails in the wheel tracks that would kill the grass if not raked out immediately. Not the same problem but perhaps worth a try since its free and easy. The LH blade is the lower one and the 'scissor-cut' blade on the right is the upper one. You might also check to make sure they are installed correctly.

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