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ncampos976July 30, 2014

hello, i just layed sod this past saturday, everything is going great, except for that there are a couple patches with slight dry edges and dry middles, the rest of the lawn looks great just these couple of patches of sod that looks like they might have been a little dry when i layed them. it was my first sod job. my question is, while its still young should i get new fresh sod and pull up the dry peices and lay the new sod or should i just keep watering and hope it will get better?

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What type of grass is it? Are you watering multiple times a day to keep it moist while its "rooting"?

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its fescue, i have been watering 2 to 3 times a day , depending on how hot it is outside, the rest of the lawn looks great but there are some random dry spots that dont seem to be growing,

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i did put fertalizer down before i layed the sod and i also rolled the sod. just wondering if i should just buy a couple new rolls and replace the dry spots or see if they start to get better.

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I would think that since fescue doesn't spread like Bermuda, probably won't come back. Normally when watering new sod, you want to drench it once laid and hit it more than 2 to 3 times a day during the hot summer until those roots take hold (usually for a couple of weeks).

Can the sod still be pulled up in that "dead" area? Also pull a couple of areas that are green to see if the roots are taking to compare.

I would think if the roots can still be pulled on the "brown" areas, you will probably have to replace or seed it.

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Yes I can still pull it up. I have been watering it with sprinklers. Just a few spots are brown. I can still pull the grass up. It's only been 6 days since I layed it.

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