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maumau27girls1November 3, 2012

OK, I have had to change my username, so just added a "1" to it. I don't know why it would not let me sign in under the old one.

I am making some wind chimes using old flatware and a colander. Since the colander is stainless, thought the stainless flatware would look better, but!!! the knives are HARD and we have broken 4 bits today!!!! What kind of bits do yall use???



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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I use drill bit that are made expecially for drill metal. Are you possibly used wood bits?

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I have never made a flatware windchime but the ones that I have seen use just the spoons and forks....maybe that is the route you should go. Good luck on your project!

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Marlene Kindred

My DH suggests that you use a carbide drill bit (solid carbide if you can find it) and use a slow speed. Good luck!

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I have a project using SS coming up and drilling SS has frustrated me in the past so I did a search the other night and came up with this.
Take a center punch, and grind it on 4 points, like a pyramid, then make the starting point. The bit will cut better then just the normal "dimple" made be a normal center punch. If the bit starts to quit cutting, stop and use punch again.
Use slow drill speed and steady pressure. Light pressure will heat up drill bit on SS quickly and dull bit. Bit should always be producing chips.
Cobalt drill bits available at any box store are better than standard drills for drilling SS. They are a little more money but will get results.
DO NOT let SS flatware or bit to get hot. Cool with wet rag or dunk in water.
Hope that helps, good luck.

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Thanks everyone!!! I love drilling glass, and I thought this would be easier, but it is not!!! These were not just the regular bits, but don't know if they were carbide or cobalt. am off to Amazon.com to look for some. I just got new diamond bits in for drilling glass, and a diamond blade!!!!
will post pics when I finish the ss flatware windchime, and also my glass fountain!!!

Thanks again

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Use a torch and fire the SS red hot, let it cool down as slowly as possible. This de-tempers the metal and the metall will be softer.

Afterwards you will need to polish the SS back.


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