What is an older DR Field and Brush mower worth?

fouracres(z5 Northern NY)August 5, 2007

On ebay I have only seen the newer DR mowers listed for $900 used to $3000 new. I googled yesterday and ran across one add for an older DR that a fellow was asking $750 for in Vermont.

This was bought new in ~1989. I would guess that it has at the most 50 hours of use. Briggs I/C 8hp with cast iron bore on a high spoked wheel frame. It runs like a top. It was never put in for the recall that required the installation of a bail to keep the blade turning (STAY AWAY FROM THE FRONT WHEN RUNNING).

Only has foreward drive.

I was out in the garage today firing up the snowblower and DR and thought that it was sad to see it sitting there neglected. I has always been well cared for. It never ate belts but I think it is on the second one. After opening the fuel feed valve and with choke it started on the fourth pull after sitting for a year with a dry tank. I would rather put the money towards a commercial brush weedwacker.

Aside from some dirt on the wheels it is in really good shape. There is a local small engine repair shop in town that sells used equipment, I think I will drop by and see what he thinks it would be worth.

I am on dial-up and don't want to spend the time with photobucket but on MikeTangoFoxtrot there are pictures in the walk behind mowers section under the heading "What is this worth?".

Thanks for the replies.

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