Honda Smart Drive Paddles vs Toro Personal Pace

homestuffAugust 15, 2013

Ok....been all over the place looking for a new mower. Consumer reports (and online reviews) seem to point to the the Hondas or the Toro Recycler/Super Recycler as THE mowers to buy (my top priority is reliability and mulching ability).

My issue is a I don't love the drive control on either.

Smart drive - thumbs get sore? run over a bump accidentally accelerate the mower or slow it down?

Personal Pace - have to push down to go faster or let up to go slower? Is that a good design?

Just wondering if you guys have any thoughts for me, especially if you've had an opportunity to use both. I've always had mowers that have one speed: "go".

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I like the Personal Pace on the Super Recycler. You really don't think about pushing anything during normal mowing. You walk and it goes at that speed. Plus they are much less nightmarish for drive repairs when they need them.

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I have a 13 year old Toro Personal Pace. No issues at all and it still starts on the first pull. It's the Recycler bought in Home Depot, not the Super Recycler sold at dealers. When it needs replacing I will get the Super Recycler since I love the Personal Pace feature and the Super Recycler does a better job at mulching.
I'm currently bagging, the regular recycler could do a better job picking up the grass,

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Its takes some getting used to but I like the PP. I have a 99 model. Just put a new carb on her..starts great cold but when hot after being run a while she's a hard start...her days are likely numbered...compression or valves...still 15 years old...can't complain I guess.

We replaced my inlaws snapper with a $399 Honda jobber with the paddles. I have to say I am not a fan. You'd likely get used to the paddles but it does not mulch NEAR as nicely as my old PP. It spews crap out the side. The PP does not. Note I am talking about a dealer $529 PP not the HD model...the decks are different.

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Had a Toro Super Recycler for 6 years until it started falling apart: cables, primer bulb, belts. I was never happy with the Briggs on. It always seemed under powered.

I bought an HRX217VKA last month and love it. More power, mulches better and better fuel efficiency.

I actually like the paddle better. No problems with thumbs getting tired. You can also use your palms. Got to duck under a tree brach? No problem. Stand to one side of the mower and just press the paddles.

Overall, the Honda is a better machine in all aspects from my
old 20056.

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