Defiance XRE

seven333July 31, 2009

Anyone have experience with this spreading fescue? I know a few members have tried it but most of the posts aren't that recent. I'm considering overseeding parts of my existing front FF lawn this falk. Thanks.

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I don't have any experience, but if you look at the ongoing NTEP results two of the best tall fescues are Titanium LS and Firecracker LS, which offer rhizome activity. The early "spreading" TF was marginal at best, but from what I have read the newer cultivars are getting better. Instead of buying Defiance this fall I plan on buying the two above cultivars, and making my own mix incorporating a third cultivar. I figure if the spreading isn't as great as they say at least I will have cultivars that are near the top of ntep results.

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Thanks, tiemco! Do you know anyone selling these cultivars? I've only been able to find tech sheets.

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I contacted the grower, Mountain View Seeds, and they said they would send it to me direct, no middle man. The price for the Titanium LS, was $1.50 a pound plus freight charges, which is a steal in my book, as long as it is free of weed and poa. I took a look at the 2001-2005 ntep for the cultivars in Defiance XRE and the only one tested was Grande II and it was middle of the pack. I can't imagine the Grande would be any higher.

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Thanks again, tiemco! I'll contact them on Monday. You think a blend of Titanium LS, Firecracker LS and Spyder LS would form a nice turf?

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I am sure it would if all goes right. I don't know if Spyder was tested in the NTEP, but I think it does well in hotter climates, so it would be nice to have for the hot NJ summers. If you can't get all three varieties I would either just go with two, or to be safe substitute one of the older proven non spreading varieties such as Justice, Rebel IV, Falcon IV, 2nd or 3rd Millenium, etc.

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I live in Georgia.My neighbor and I planted Defiance XRE Sept 2010..within two weeks had good November had great coverage and a dark green blade..good growth in shady areas that previously had difficulty..last of Feb this year new grass came up..beautiful dark green color..excellent coverage..looks like a golf course..also used a fertilizer 18-24-12 with a root enhancer..light overseeding this spring..neighbors have asked us about the type of grass

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