Bermuda Lawn - Before & After

DSM_in_AtlantaJuly 17, 2013

I purchased my home in March of last year. It was a foreclosure and the front yard was mostly weeds, dirt, and had suffered from a lot of erosion as a result. At first I hired a lawn care company but wasn't seeing any results so I got rid of them. I knew that most of the bermuda was salvageable but not all of it. I ended up putting some sod down where it was apparent that no grass existed. Then I found this forum and the Bermuda Bible. I wish I had found the forum SOONER because I made the mistake of tilling the area where I put the sod. As a result I will need to level the yard in the future to correct this. Live and learn.

Here is how the yard looked in April 2012:

Here is how the yard looks today:

After mowing:

So thank you for all of the advice provided throughout this process and all the advice you will continue to provide in the future.

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Well done. Looks great!

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Well not to worry. You do have have some grade issues but not horrible.

So as not to make any more mistakes get your leveling done soon or at least started. You only want to do this while the grass is actively growing during peak growth season. You do not want to do it late in the season after growth slows down or dormant. Same applies not to do it too early in the spring.

Otherwise looks like you are doing an excellent job, keep it up.

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