Solar fountains

swontgirl_z5a(5a)November 26, 2012

I am new to this forum and have done a search but can't find what I am looking for. I am wondering if any of you talented creative gardeners have ever made a regular fountain into a solar fountain. And I don't mean by adding a solar pump to an existing electric fountain.
I have a fountain with an electric pump and I have some small solar panels that were designed to charge up your car battery I think. Can you just hook up the wires? I am sure it is not this simple but would like to know if it could be done.

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Solar fountain made from an old frying pan.


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That's really cool but did you make the solar pump or buy it somewhere?

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dcarch, you are so very talented!!! I absolutely love your fountain. You are so creative! Who would have thought this could be done with a frying pan! I've been looking around for a year to find a solar pump for my bird bath. Where do you purchase one? I've been working on making a bird feeder and decided that if I could find a solar pump that I could just as well make it into a bird bath with the water spraying out the top. You are amazing.

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dcarch, I forgot to ask you what you used to cut that frying pan. You must have all the special tools to make such detailed cuts.

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Thanks everyone.

I was surprised that those inexpensive solar fountain can actually work that well. I got them on eBay.

Aluminum is very soft, you can cut it with a reciprocating saw, or saw by hand, or lay the design out and have someone with a stronge hand to cut it with a pair of metal cutting shears.


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Wow!! Super cool, dcarch!!!

Now I'll have to do some research on what a solar fountain is.

I love love love this!! Thanks for sharing! It's a beauty!

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WOW LOVE the sculpture frying pan fountain. Amazing.

I do not have any idea how to attach solar panel to a regular pump. My concern would be the voltage might not be compatible. I just do not know. But if the solar panel were to run electric things you would think it could work. How was the panel to be used to hook to some thing else other then a pump? Would the link below help? Another forum about Renewable Energy.

Going to look for the solar fountains. I have the perfect spot for one in our Faux courtyard. I have a central flower bed that needs to be done all over again and a fountain would be perfect there. No electric. Solar will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Renewable Energy

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The small solar panels I have, have an adaptor to plug into a cigarette lighter in a vehicle. I think they were to charge up the battery or something?
I just went and found one. They are called a 12V battery maintainer. They have either a 12V dc plug or clamps that hook right onto a battery. The back says up to 1.8 watts under ideal conditions which I assume means sunny!
Does anyone know if that would run a solar pump? I am checking out your link now Shades!

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