Something is killing my lawn!

michauxii(East Texas)July 12, 2014

Lawn is mostly centipede with some common bermuda.
Adequately watered,fertilized and mowed.

I'm starting to have some fairly large areas turn yellow and die. Dug through the dead thatch to look for any type of insect/bug and can't see a thing. First thought was army worms as they have been a problem here in East Texas this summer. None..

But the strangest thing... numerous red wasps are landing in these sick areas... like they are hunting something. Don't know if they are feeding or maybe gathering dead grass.

Advice please!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Wasps!! Incredible! I live in George West (just west of I-37 between Corpus and San Antonio). I also live in San Antonio. In both places the wasps have all but disappeared.

Wasps in the grass almost certainly mean you have caterpillars. It could be webworms or army worms. Leave the wasps alone to do their job. These are the wasps that live under your eaves. Leave them alone there, too. I used to have hundreds of them under the low hanging roof of my back patio. If you can train yourself to ignore them, they will be the most docile creature around. But if you have loud parties or, for whatever reason, find yourself waving your arms around wildly, you will have problems with the wasps. Even if a wasp bumps into you, you CANNOT swat at it or run around wildly. Stand still, leave it alone, and it will fly away.

Wait a minute. I just reread your message. I did not see the red in front of wasps. Red wasps are sometimes the aggressive ones that actually live in the ground. Watch them VERY carefully to see if they are entering the ground or just landing, hunting, and flying away. If they are living in the ground, you'll have to call a professional to have them eradicated. The ground dwelling wasps take every earth movement as a threat and attack relentlessly. If you're not having a problem yet, then you need to do some reconnaissance.

You say adequately watered. What does that mean? Daily rain? Do you have a sprinkler system? If so what is it set on? How often and how long do you water? Where are you in East Texas?

How high/low do you mow? How often?

Centipede and bermuda require opposite care in one specific way. Bermuda needs continual feeding and centipede needs none. How are you currently fertilizing? Does your centipede have pointed blade tips or blunt blade tips?

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