Craft show advice: remark by friend has thrown me off!

concretenprimroses(4B NH)November 11, 2011

I posted on the crafts and decoration forum about organizing a show in a friends home. I have only lined up 4 artisans including myself, but I'm aiming for 10.

I got advice on how to do it over at C&D (link below). So people I know from this forum commented there.

I've been calling friends for ideas of crafts people to invite, and also to invite them to come to the show. Today a very good and supportive friend said she didn't think she would go because in such a small venue she would feel guilty (because it would be obvious?) if she doesn't buy anything.

I was a little surprised. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to counteract that worry, if not in her, in other potential shoppers. It will be a private show by "invitation only". Each crafter will get 20 cards and an e-card to send to their friends. It will say not to post the card but to tell friends or bring them with them if they wish. Plus we will invite any neighbors that we know at all, and the hostess and some other women ont he street wll invite their friends.

Any thoughts? I was very excited, but this and an earlier negative remark by someone who is going to participate have made me question what am I doing!



Here is a link that might be useful: C&D Hosting a craft show in your home

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You got lots of good thoughts and ideas from the other forum. I wouldn't worry about your friends remark. Maybe
you can enlist her help for an hour or two (helping with the cookies and cider) to get her to come. Or just tell
her the more the merrier, and everybody can't always find
something to buy.....You don't expect that! Maybe she will see something that a friend of hers would like and call them to come see what you have....First years are almost always slower so she could help pass the word if you do it again....Give her reasons to come and support you and the others.

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I agree with everything nonacook says. You really can't change her opinion. But definitely ask her to come help serve cider and cookies or something else to help.

It kinda reminds me of that RHoA episode where DeShawn holds a charity fundraiser and nobody buys anything and nobody donates any money. Obviously all those attendees had no issues showing up with empty wallets.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Now I've got 5 crafts people! 5 to go.

You are right, thank you. I know what she is saying because at my age I don't need more stuff, unless it is some thing I truly want or truly need.

Umm except things to make into other things, but that's different right?


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Marlene Kindred

I too, think that inviting her to help might ease her conscience. You might also want to have a small "give away" type of gift as well when people come by to see the show. It can be very small...just something to let them know you appreciate their coming.

Good Luck....I'd come if I were closer!

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This question brought me back to the days of Tupperware parties ( or other party things for sale ) The hostess would always say , "Just come - you don't
have to buy anything!" But when I saw other people buying - I did feel guilty. I guess I can kinda see where your friend is coming from . If you get an invitation - I can see how someone would feel "Obligated" to buy something.

I don't think that was a negative thought directed at you . Maybe she thinks like I do. Don't let it bother you ! Having her come to help a bit is a great idea - maybe it'll help her to relax.

Remember - you can't please every one !

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I don't think going to a home boutique is much different that going & checking out a new boutique store, if I don't see anything I need I don't buy. Tupperware & other"gift" parties where hostess gets free gifts or points if you buy, puts you on the spot, but it is easy to tell the ladies that are having your sale, "lovely sale, so many beautiful things,wish I had someone to buy something for, thanks for letting me come"! I don't think any of you crafters are going to say anything but "glad you came, maybe we'll have something next year that will catch your eye!" Hope you get the other 5, with 10 crafters that should make quite a variety & fill up the rooms nicely!I did get a shock last year, went to Yardsale in a house,it wasn't, it was all new stuff, I was miffed but took the free scone & tea & said how good it was but didn't buy the mix or tea & they had lot of store bought type stuff. I only bought some recipe cards, told them it was arranged so nicely & left. Would I go back, no, don't like being deceived! Jan

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I don't like being put on the spot and feeling like I HAVE to buy something either, BUT, I set my own self up when I decided to go! So if she feels like she has to buy and might not want to then maybe she shouldn't come. It is ultimately her choice.Her choice to tell you that was not the best decision she made that day. She should have just said .....Sorry, but I already have another commitment for that day or some such excuse, instead of making you feel bad about an excellant idea of having a home show. Have a great time, visit with those that do come, try to have a variety of items and well as price ranges to get your show a good reputation started and it will be a piece of cake next year!! You might want to have a drawing to give an enticing item away, and have a guest list for next time started with those whose name didn't get drawn!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Yes, I can't let myself run out of steam. I am so easily side tracked sometimes.
We are close enough that we tell eachother our feelings and I should be grateful to have that kind of friendships.
Now onward to get those 5 more. I almost have convinced a friend who makes very beautiful pillows handbags and dolls.
I really hope she does because they are large and dramatic, as are my plate flowers. I would like 4 out of the 10 at least to be that way (2 in each room).

I may make a few expensive totems just for the festive look, even if I don't imagine that they will sell.

I am making flower brooches out of fabric to sell to add to the "house" take. I'll post a pic on Crafts and Decorations to get pricing feedback, when I finish one. Have a dozen going at once asseembly line style.

Thanks again for your encouragement.


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If you are having trouble finding crafters. List that you are looking for crafter for a "juried" craft show. Then you can look at what they make or sell before letting them participate. You don't want made in china stuff or low quality creations either. I would not let your friend detour you, there is no pressure to buy. Just a great time for women to get together and see what is out there. If you can do some CHRISTmas shopping, good for you. If not, we'd love to have you come because you know how much they appreciate handmade items. If it makes them feel uncomfortable you can't do anything about that but geesh, sounds a little childish to me.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Well I've got 7 and 2 more people to call this morning. And possibly a chef to sell food.
I will go forward with the card with 7 people if need be. A friend is helping me to design it tomorrow. I am very excited about talking my friend that I mentioned into doing it. Her bags and pillows are simply beautiful. I want her dolls too which she is sensitive about because someone called them "creepy". Everything she makes is designed by herself, not someone else's pattern.

Woo hoo! Next step is make the card and get the people there! Plus make more fabric flowers. I have plenty of plate flowrs but they will have to be cleaned with windex and re-marked with a removable sticker. Well about 10 of them need spoons... Oh and maybe I'll make a couple of totems... arghhh (but in a good way)!


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Make & sell some $500 totems and you'll be all set for Christmas !

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Ha ha! good idea.

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