Invasive Species @ the Pond

tinfoilhatNovember 3, 2011

I've been up at my dad's in AR for the past couple of months. While I've been gone a new critter arrived at the pond and I guess by the number of beer and wine bottles I picked up they have been partying since I left.

D. Hopper & Squiggy on pedal power trike.

The Devil's Tadpoles? If this is a motorcycle club Mr. D. Hopper must a poser or he got a DUI because I don't see a motor on that trike.

I've been having problems with the free lunch cats partying in the garage too. I've been cussing them for knocking over the plastic garbage can for the last few days and helping themselves to the cat food bag. Yesterday I had to apologize to them when I caught the real culprit leaving the scene of the crime.

Harvey Javelina, another of the free lunch party animals.

Trike and Frog built with 100% recycled and found parts.

Trike: Yamaha frame and forks, bicycle seat, planter wheels, irrigation pipe, and misc. steel.

Frog: Air tank, shovel, rebar, push rods, exhaust pipe, steel water pipe, and misc springs.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Nice javi shot!

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Froggy went a countin' uh ha uh ha! Very cute! Well, there you have it, your next project, a bigger porker to scare this 1 off! DON"T THINK I would want to mess with him! Nice work! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome back Jack! I've been wondering where you were! LOVE the new creation! He is just too cool! Do you do your own painting....the logo on his back? If so, you have quite the talent my friend. What an awesome trike he has too!

And the poor cats have been taking all the blame...glad you caught the real culprit!

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Just sooooooo coooool !!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Love Dr. Hopper and his trike. He does look like a partier!
The javelina is cute. Are they fierce?
We used to have wild boar that escaped from a private game park. They were scarey.

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Well, looks like you need to stay away from home more often! Esp if you get 'partiers' like these may even have to send out a 'search & rescue' party to make sure there's no brawls at your place!

That is one cool D. Hopper on that bike! What imagination & creativity!!! & it looks like there's been one mighty fiesta going on! Great recycling!!! TFS, tinfoil! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred DH said that it might be time to surrender the welder to you....LOVES your creation!

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Too cool, tinfoilhat! It looks like the party was at your house,huh? I won't be surprised if the cats get together and form their own gang to go after that javelina for filching their food. I like how Harvey is walking so calmly away from the scene of the crime. Love D. Hopper and little Squiggy! Great logo for D. Hopper's motorcycle gang too. Keep those pictures coming of the party animals at your place! You da man!

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No javelinas, but I have raccoons and 'possums stealing my cat food!
No frogs having parties either--just people driving by and throwing bottles out.
I will possibly have MORE trash because a Raceway service station is being built just 20 feet from my house and garden.......

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D.Hopper>lol! Born to Be Wild!!! Everybodies goin' Hawg Wild!!!

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