Ideas for using plow points and sweeps

elaineal(z8AL)November 2, 2012

Would like ideas using plow points and sweeps. I have thought the points would make good bird feet, but not sure about the sweeps. I have a barn with lots of old metal. Has anyone seen a crane made from scrap metal?

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The sweeps/plow shares make great bird heads/beaks, wings, tails. I'm trying to make a fish out of plow shares but the idea hasn't gelled yet. The points could be used for bird tail feathers or flower petals.
Follow link in message to see a few birds built using plow shares. There are other things in there made from old farm pieces too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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Ok, I see I got the points and sweeps mixed up. But I was raised on a farm! You would get short of breath if you could go in my barn. How do I get info on each of your pictures?

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Photobucket in the last 2 months has lost my complete album, lost all my titles and descriptions, lost my titles and descriptions when was half way done replacing them, beta tested me, scrabbled my photos and generally messed with what little sanity I have left. I do not know what I am going to find each time I open it. The slideshow is disabled in beta testing and I don't know if it's going to open in that mode from one day to the next. All that said, you can try opening it in the link I posted above, going to he first picture that strikes your fancy and click on it. The picture SHOULD come up with a description below it although sometimes the description is on the side hidden and you have to click media info to see it.
I'm going to add a different link in this post that is to a bird using 2 plows for a head. If the cyber gods are smiling upon us the bird should come up with description below it and you can hit next and and slideshow through album to find more plow ideas if you desire. May the cyber gods be with thee.
On a side note, there is a fine looking picture of me in there called "Will weld for food" with a list of foods that motivate me. To that list please add: ham, mashed potatoes, red eyed gravy, cornbread and keep me in mind for your next project.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Marlene Kindred

Well, since I'm not sure what a "sweep" is, I can't address that, but I did find one of my DH's projects that uses a plow part/cultivator point. This is Randy the Rooster and we used a cultivator part for his beak and harrow parts for his body.

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Tinfoil! Love seeing your whole album at once! Great! Love that Pipe sculpture and your water lilies are gorgeous!
Marlene: Randy Rooster is AWESOME!!!

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Wow! Great recycling here all these critters! tinfoil & Marlene's hubby! Awesome! Hope you got lots of ideas, elaine! Jeanne S.

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