John Deere STX38 deck adjustment

stubbysfatboyAugust 9, 2008

I am having some trouble getting a nice cut with my STX38 and have replaced the blades already. Now I figure it's probably time to level the deck but dont have the owners manual. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the correct procedure for adjusting the gauge wheels to adjust the deck. I see the diagram on the deck by the left gauge wheel but dont know what the numbers mean in conjunction with the numbers on the deck level handle. Thanks

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In my opinion you will get a nicer cut with the gage wheels up, but low enough to protect the deck- rather than using it as a floating deck. I guess it also depends what you are looking for and look to correct. To me, it isn't important that the actual height of cut matches the #s on the handle. What kind of QOC issues are you trying to correct? Uneven side to side issues can often be corrected by basic leveling. Ensure the blades are running true, tire pressure even end then level side to side using a small rule or the handy JD leveling gauge. With the blades straight across, measure from the tip below the cutting edge to that nice level concrete garage floor it's parked on. You will see the adjuster from where the deck hangs. make them even as possible w/o sweating to get that last 1/8 of an inch! Front to rear pitch is useful to negate stragglers and overall rough looking cuts. Commonly set lower in the front 1/4 - 3/4 inch. Remember where you started on this one in case you don't like the results from changing it. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info. I am just getting an overall rough cut so I will try to lower the front of the deck. I am assuming that this is done just with the 2 hangers from the front of the deck to the frame? I also seem to be getting a little bit of a line of grass left uncut right in the middle of the 2 blades, and new blades didnt correct it.

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