Craft Fair This Weekend

flowers12November 14, 2011

I'm getting ready for a Craft Fair on Saturday. So many things to do. I did this same one last year and you would think that I would have had a year to prepare huh? As usual I'm leaving things for these last few days. I've thought and thought about what to use for bags for purchases. Last year I wrapped the totem or flower in bubble wrap then used those really tacky plastic grocery bags tripled so they wouldn't fall through. I've been pricing bags and I don't want to spend a dollar a bag but.... I'm not wanting to use the plastic bags either. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and spend the dollar for some bags? Even the thrift stores want a dollar a bag and then they wouldn't all be same either.


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Plastic bags may be tacky but the ones you take into grocery store mostly can't be washed or aren't & I wonder when there will be outbreak of roaches or bedbugs. They are trying to force us to use our own but we have enough trouble with people throwing garbage around, also when I shred mail I put it in 2 of those inside each other so it doesn't get all over the street, I understand that it is problem with birds but campaign to get people to stop leaving their trash & bags on mountain roads or at the beach makes more sense, it is going to cost a lot of people their jobs out here. So we are supposed to buy larger bags to put our garbage in, don't think that will work, I've found rotting beef stew in alley, try cleaning that up, I used a shovel & plastic bag.When neighbors are careless or overfill their trash so lid is back the wind often deposits bags on the streets, easier to pick up bag then have to figure out what to do with some disgusting trash like people that enter our neighborhood in middle of night & drink & leave their "Trojan" wrappers & contents on the streets. If I use the bags I have I will need help getting them in my car & will be carrying in 5 lb. flour then another trip to car to get couple of more items,when I get home, I do it at Sam's as I save enough, they aren't going to discount groceries at regular stores. The gift bags end up on streets too & larger critters could get caught in handles, don't hear complaints about them. It's not a perfect world, trade-offs no matter what you do.I'm sure someone will complain about bubble wrap too.(Yes, I recycle everything & have so much less trash than most of neighbors, no pizza boxes or TV dinners & wasteful packaging for me. Jan

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I always ask for brown paper bags for groceries. I reuse those all the time, but don't have much re-use for plastic bags, except for cat litter.
I buy my bags for the Indiana show from Sam's--'thank you bags'. One box lasts me several shows. Maybe you could share with someone for a box of those.
The last time I bought groceries, I neglected to say 'paper' and had 26 plastic bags. I only shop that way about every 2-3 months. And if you don't tie them things are everywhere in the car. When I got home, I repackaged into paper from the car so I would NOT have to make so many trips back and forth. It only took 9 paper bags! I don't mind plastic for other things but NOT for groceries!!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Well I almost always carry my own sturdy bags to stores (as my grandmothers always did too!)
BUT I did compromise for selling my plate flowers. I've only sold them once. I used to be a big scrapbooker, and I brought along all that I had of those plastic bags that scrap book paper is sold in, you know what I mean, 13x13 square bags with the handle cut into it. Any way when i ran out of those and had to use grocery bags it was so hard to wrap and package the flowers and take money and chat and keep an eye on other shoppers all at once. I try to tell friends that and they don't believe me and actually argue that it should be simple just to wrap them up in newspaper!
So I bought a LARGE amount of clear plastic bags, so the cost was I think around 20cents each, pretty much like the scrapbook store bags. I am getting ready for a show so I am folding up newspaper so a plate flower can slide in and inserting it in those bags, with one of my little flyers facing outward with my business name (Endless Summer) and flower logo and email on it. Two plate flowers could go in each if needed. Er, except the really big ones which I think I have 2, so I'll bring bubble wrap (reused) for them.
Some people don't want bags, but I'll be ready for those who do!

If you were nearby, flowers, and were interested I'd sell you some at my cost. I'm thinking of selling off some on Etsy.


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Kathy, thank you for the offer but I'm in Northern California. Where did you purchase your bags? It sounds like you have it figured out for your flowers. Using the newspaper is a great idea and having it all ready to slip in the bag is a great time saver. My brother-in-law has his own business and brought me a huge supply of reusable bubble wrap that I'll try to use for wrapping. I did see one website Bags Unlimited you can get 100 H.D. Plastic Merchandise Bags - 16 x 4 x 24" for only 14.35. Hmmmmm, I didn't know you could buy in small quantities like that. 100 bags would last me for a few years. I'm too late to get them for this Saturday but I might order them for the future. Some of my totems are 18 - 20 inches tall so a bigger bag will work for flowers and totems. Thanks for your positive suggestions.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I got mine from Bags & Bows. And i realize looking at the site, I got 500 for less than $50 with free shipping so I paide less than 10 cents each. I was shocked at how small the box is (fortunately it fits on a shelf in the cellar.)

The link to the ones I got is below.

The ones you found sound like a good deal for just 100.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bags and Bows

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