Electric PTO problems

redsky42August 25, 2008

I've got a Husqvarna LTH130 that I was given and have been working on. I recently rebuilt the trans and it was working pretty good. Now I've been having problems with the PTO. It's a Warner 5217-2. The question is will these electric PTOs let go if they encounter too much resistance or get hot? I have had it disengage on me when hitting some tall grass(3ft tall) and nearing the end of cutting the yard. The other day I hit some hidden sticks and it disengaged. Now it won't engage at all. I briefly looked under the deck and didn't see an obstruction but there could be something wedged a little further up there. Has anyone had a problem like this before? Are there any sensors I should be checking? Or is it just all used up? the median price I've seen on these is around $150 with $125 being the cheapest I've found. Any advice or leads are greatly appreciated.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

is the PTO itself stopping, or is the belt slipping on the PTO? on electric pto the belt should not turn if the PTO is disengaged but turn when it is. usually they freeze up when broken and turn the belt all teh time.

have you checked to make sure you are getting the turn on voltage? could be as simple as a loose wire.

could also be a loose connection to the shaft. if the key fell out, the PTO could grab sometimes, but slip on the shaft when under a good load. i would say if it does not turn at all with the belt OFF, but you see and hear it click when you engage it, then pull it and see why it is not turning.

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I haven't been able to check whether or not it's getting juice b/c my voltometer bit the dust. However I have checked the connections and everything seems tight. Also I'm pretty sure it's not a shaft key missing b/c when it did engage it did so normally and with full strength. Is there a relay that may have gone bad? If this is operated by the 12v batt I could try using a donor batt directly on the PTO and see what happens. That way I could eliminate the clutch itself from the problem. Any thoughts?

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Sure, you can test it by putting a battery directly to it. You should hear and see it activate. Does your clutch have an adjustment- where the three nuts w/ springs come through the plate? It would likely fire anyways if it were out of adjustment- but would slip and get hot. It is good to know voltage going into the clutch and that you have a good ground. I've seen people jump start the tractor and then wonder why it won't fire and hold the clutch. 12+ is ideal 10.5 is a bit light,but can fire them most times anyways.

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From what I can see, and have read, this clutch is not adjustable. I'm going to put a battery on it, when I get home, and see what happens. Is it possible to harm the clutch if the leads are reversed? Anyway if it works I'll have a better idea of where to look. I may just end up running a new circuit with a toggle switch in place of the current pull-knob.

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He's a "generic" PTO troubleshooting guide-

MY schematic of a (2001) LTH130 doesn't even show an electric PTO??
Is there another number on it like 954140010 or HAU15H42H?

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It's a Husqvarna p/n 532145028. The parts list description reads "EVX LT Mag 5217-2".
Thanks for the link to the trouble shooter, it'll be a big help.

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I meant a number for the tractor, not the PTO PN.

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I finally got around to messing with this over the weekend. I pulled the plug on the PTO and saw that it was patially melted...whoa. Made up some leads to run directly from the battery and tried it out...nothing. Swapped the leads on the terminals just in case...still nothing. Did the same thing with it running and yet again nothing. So I'm pretty convinced the PTO itself needs replacement. The cheapest I have been able to find one is for $125. Anyone know where I can get a cheaper one? Most places want $200 or more. Also, I figure this rider is more than 10 years old and has seen fairly regular use. Is it common for the PTO to go out after that amount of time?

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