Craftsman Mower Trouble

therian(6)August 26, 2013

My 22" Briggs/Craftsman (250cc self propel front drive) mower died after 15 years of loyal service (cutting 1 acre per week for half those years) and so I decided to buy another Craftsman mower with Briggs motor.....boy I'm not enjoying this decision. My old mower could cut 8 inches of grass and mulch it down and leave no trace, this new mower cuts 1-1 1/2 inches of grass and leaves debris at the end of each line (when I turn). I sharpened the blade and it helped but I think the main issue is my blade is not a mulching blade but a "all purpose" type.

Here is my model/link to mower

Model 917-370431

I didn't think this would be an issue but this stupid mower has a "5 star hop" blade adapter....the issue is I cannot find a 22" mulching only blade and I cannot find a blade adapter to get away from it.
I want a basic no-gimic mulching blade OR a blade adapter that has the basic "3 holes" (example

I want to stay away from those stupid "teethed" mulching blades as they are garbage and painful to sharpen (example

Anyone have any advice on either subject? I've looked all over online and I cannot find a 22" mulching blade (no teeth) and I cannot seem to find a blade adapter that will work with my mower and not have the "5 star" design on it. Is there any kind of universal adapter that would work or perhaps a custom metal shop that could make a worth while blade? Thank you.

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Well, I can tell you that the Atomic style blade made the standard Toro Recyler mulch better. I cannot understand how it is more difficult to sharpen either. What I can offer you is that 420463 is another option for your star blade. I may have both to compare, I'm not sure. They don't nestle together so I assume that the lift is different. 421176 hub w/ the 406713 blade may be able to replace your star hub /blade. You will have to be the judge of that. This is also an "all purpose" blade. Some aftermarket star blades my be configured differently as well. Fact is, over the years the EHP service blades have had number and shape changes. The old 3 hole will give you various blade configurations in OEP. I would also suggest putting a tach on this. Post back your results please.

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