Troy Bilt TB20CS 2 Cycle Trimmer Weed Eater will not run

itprojectmanagerAugust 14, 2010

I figured how and what the problem was and wanted to post the result because I can see I am not the only one with the 2 cycle beast and this problem.

The trimmer will not run if you pull the throttle. For the past 2 months I have had to run it half choke just for it to operate and its only 2 years old. The gas lines were rotten at the beginning of summer so here is what I did.

- Replaced all the fuel lines and fuel stone in the tank.

- New air filter

- New spark plug

- Fresh 40:1 fuel

This DID NOT fix the issue. So I took off the carb and it was clean. I flushed with starter fluid and it still did not work. I noticed a large screw on the side of the carb. I took off the screw and the cover it held and there was a small filter that was loaded with small particles. I flushed that screen with some starting fluid and it runs like new.

To check your screen, just remove the plastic air filter / muffler cover. Remove the one large screw on the side where the throttle connects. Remove the cover it holds on and inspect.

No carb kit, no service call, use some cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

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It: Replace your starting fluid usage with a concentrated Fuel Cleaner / conditioner. Ether based Starting fluid can destroy carburetor seals and diaphram over time , if you feel you must use starting fluid spray it directly into the spark plug hole not the carb venturi . The Inlet pre-filter on the right side carb body normally is the 1st inspection . On many economy trimmers the inline filter only removes larger debris . The screen as you have indicated is convenient to check in helping diagnois fuel starvation problems , however will not prevent varnish or gumming of carb circuits due to lack of fuel storage preparation (stabil) or annual Lucas or Duralube Fuel treatment usage which will resolve 90 % of Hard Starting complaints caused by Ethanol Gas or just sour gas issues. Good Problem Solving utilizing the KISS Process .

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To iprojectmanager: First, Thank You for posting this information because you probably saved my sanity and kept me from driving over my weed eater due to frustration!

I had checked everything possible and was doing some internet searching when I came across your post. I removed the screw (and quickly figured out I should have drained the gas tank) so after putting the screw back in, draining the tank, then removing the screw and cover I found the screen you were talking about. It didn't look totally plugged but had some debris in it so I cleaned that whole side of the carb with Berrymans, put it all back together and it is working like a champ!

Again, I appreciate you taking the time orignally to post what you had found, maybe someday I can post something that will be as helpful to you.

Steve Trompler
Stillwater, OK

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Thanks for this posting. Would never have figured it out. Saved me $100 on a new one.

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Thanks for the article. After several months of frustration trying to get this trimmer to run, even looking at buying a new trimmer, you gave me the solution to the problem! It's easy to clean this filter. After taking everything else apart, I had to look for an answer online. The fuel stone had fallen off in the gas tank due to a worn fuel line, so I knew it was a filter issue. Starts easily now, the primer button works, and it runs well without stalling out. Thank you for the post. Wish I had read this first!

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Please include photos of the carburetor screw and filter if possible,to make it easier for us not familiar. Thanks

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