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mlshufordJuly 20, 2014

Hey guys, I need some serious help here. Let me give you the short version of events.

My wife and I just built a house and have a completely barren yard. Around May 11th I seeded my yard in Zenith Zoysia seed and did not put any straw down. I waited and waited and nothing happened at all. Not one straw of grass

So around mid-june my wife got tired of seeing dirt everywhere and convinced me to seed in KBG since it was way cheaper and we had spent a ton already on the Zoysia. I DID put straw down this time. I knew it was awfully hot (I live in NC) and the KBG might not come up. To my suprise a couple of weeks later our yard was booming in what I'm pretty sure is actually the Zenith Zoysia, but I'm not sure. I assume the extra moisture retition from the straw finally let it come up. It's now obviously mid-june and there are none of the "feelers" I know zoysia is supposed to send out, but it might be too soon.

My first thing I'm asking is can anyone tell me whether it's the Zoysia or the Fescue that's coming up? I took a picture of some uprooted grass, some that is growing in rows, and more of a big picture of the grass.

However, my second question is this: I'm infested now with crabgrass in certain sections from the straw I put down. Should I be pulling it or just keeping it cut down? Also maybe there's something I could put on them, but my understanding is it would kill my young good grass.

Any help would be wonderful. Thanks guys.

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Here's the grass growing in rows.

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Here's the last picture showing the yard and a little bit of the crabgrass infestation.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

It might not be good news, but that probably isn't crabgrass. Crabgrass is a low-growing annual plant which dies completely in the fall. That is likely another weed which is perennial. With crabgrass you can leave it alone and it dies out. This stuff will need to be eradicated.

I think you planted both grasses at exactly the wrong time. The zenith probably was waiting for warmer soil to germinate. When you planted the KBG in June, then the zenith took off. Planting KBG in June is a mistake because the little roots will die from the hot soil. KBG needs much deeper roots to survive summer heat. That's why the time to seed KBG is in the fall.

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