1 week old sod install

sodhelpJuly 18, 2014

Hello everyone!

HELP! We installed our sod last Friday we started off last week until about Sunday to water 3 times a day for 30 mins once at 6am 2pm 6pm. But then changed to 2 times a day, once at 6 am for 30 mins and another at 6pm for 30 mins. It rained Monday-Tuesday this week all day. Prior to that we had a few yellow spots and with the rain it seemed like the went away but today they are back again. I don't know if it's from underway wrong or overwatering but I don't want to lose my sod. Anyone have any suggestions?

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That looks like the edges are rolling up a bit, drying out, and causing problems. The center of the sod is OK.

Walk right along those brown lines and see if it settles. If so, settle it in and hope it recovers.

Other than that, I do see some shock from transplanting. That will fade as the grass roots.

Sod tends to shock because it moves from a nice home, has its roots shorn away, and gets dumped in somebody's yard where conditions differ (you don't go for constantly moist, nor spoon-feed nitrogen).

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A couple of things going on........most related to installation.
Where the turf is 'burned' at the end of the sod pieces: this is caused by heat build up while the sod was on the pallet. Not uncommon; especially in summer. Where you've some browning on the edges of the sod: this is caused by the turf not being snugged up tight one piece to another. As it appears you've a bluegrass turf, be patient and the turf should recover nicely. The key is to make sure the turf stays wet until the new roots peg down. Typically within the first week, your new sod will start to knit to the soil. As this happens you can gradually cut back on the water. You'll likely need to mow after 2-3 weeks, as you don't want the turf to get too 'shaggy'. So generally after 10-12 days you'll gradually reduce the water and allow the soil to firm up inorder for you to mow. I would expect after a mowing or two, that the new sod will look just fine. Good luck, PG78

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