New B&S 675 series with no throttle ??

itsjoeyboyAugust 10, 2008

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get your feedback .. I just bought a new John Deer J25 with the new B&S 675 series motor.

Im still getting used to the fact that it has no thorttle ??

I researched all the features of the mower I'd need and then sought out a machine from a reputable company.. and ended up with the J25 .. got it for a steal ... It was the last years floor model at my local Lowes, it had never been started and had been sitting indoors for over a year.. So I caught the manager on a good day and he gave it to me for $250 .. I couldn't say NO !! However when I got it home I realized that it had no throttle !! the Mowmentum drive system is taking a little getting used to as well but I'm sure I'll get over that real quick.. I researched other mowers with the same and similar engines from B&S and they are all without a throttle. !!

anywhooo .. I just wanted your feedback and feelings about the new generation of mowers without throttles .. !!

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That's pretty much old news anymore.
EPA mandates that engines be low emissions.
It's simpler to build a low emissions carb if it doesn't have an idle circuit. If the engine has variable speed, it'd have to pass emissions throughout that speed range, which becomes more difficult, carb-wise.
One speed = one fixed circuit = simple/cheap.
I like to be able to warm up my engines for a bit, at a lower speed too. I still do with my 20 year old Honda.

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Thanks for the explanation Bill .. very well put..

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They are getting back to the Good old days when they shipped mowers with an auto chock ( 20 years ago) I guess they are saving a bundle not installing a primer bulb.

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Is this engine equipped with the "Ready Start" feature? The Briggs engines with the auto choke require the full throttle to open the choke. If a slow speed position was available, the flywheel fan would not blow enough air against the air vane to open the choke.

This system works ok for most people. The auto choke engines are very easy to start.

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No mower ever needs to be operated at less than full goverened speed anyway, so the throttle has been pointless ever since they mandated the maximum blade tip speed. Now mowers run 600-1000 RPM slower than they did in 1975 - consequently you would never want it go even slower, so the throttle is simply not required.

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Eliminating variable throttle is the product of imbeciles and morons. Any methods to defeat this, with pictures, are welcome. I need high revs in thick grass, but have many mixeed areas of patchy grass such as edges of pinebarren and poor soil clay areas. I do not choose Chemlawn type practices. If I can't slow the engine speed in patchy areas, the mower will blow clouds of dry earth and dust, harming air quality, people's breathing and the engine air intake. Unbelievably rotten and stupid to eliminate the throttle speed control. Please, some parts company come out with an aftermarket kit of some kind. I suspect more than a cable is needed. That is, how to attach cable where there never was one... Thank you.

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