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geometryteacherJuly 29, 2014

Hello All,

I just purchased my first home in North West Houston, and it had sod put down about 5 weeks ago, maybe 6. It rained a lot, BEFORE, the sod was put down, and now it hasn't rained here in at least 3 weeks. I let the sod get to a pretty decent height before I mulch cut it at the mower's highest setting. I've only been in the house two weeks, but I mow once a week and water for about 45 minutes 2 or three times a week in the morning around 8 or 9am.

I am colorblind and can't really tell yellow or green or brown, and don't know if these are just cases of dead sod, or chinch bugs or fungus or drought. Any help is greatly appreciated.

There is one giant dead spot and then on the other side of the back yard where it seemed to be really healthy, it seems to be thinning out. I have dug around for chinch bugs, but didn't see any.

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Here is the big dead spot that's been this way since I moved in

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Here is the whole lawn from a different angle

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