New sod and have this growing

grodri02July 17, 2013


I just installed new kentucky blue sod in my front yard about three weeks ago and I have this long things growing around the front yard (please see pic). I can take them out easily with my hand but I was wondering if there is some type of fertilizer that I should put on the lawn so that those long things dont grow. I have not put any type of fertilizer yet.

Any help is appreciated.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

"Long things" and distant pictures are not conducive to great diagnoses and recommendations. Where do you live in NY (it has many growing zones)? Pull one of the weeds out, with the roots if possible, and place it on a sheet of white paper as a background. Put a quarter on the page (for size comparison) and then post a picture of that all.

What was done to the soil to prep it for the sod - anything?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

And/or get your camera about 3 inches away from the weed and take the picture. Cloudy days make the best grass picture.

Were you planning to mow the grass soon? Once it is higher than the highest setting on your mower you can mow any time.

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Hello again,

I took a picture of the weeds that are growing in my lawn. I live in long island, NY (Zone 7). On monday, a landscaper cut my lawn at the highest setting and saw he threw some fertilizer. Now my lawn is not as green as before the cut and seeing some dry spots as well. Should I water more since its been in the 90s and my sod lawn is fairly young (about 4 weeks)? Should I get a special type of fertilizer to take care of the weeds?

Any help is appreciated.


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Ever hear the old phrase: When you have sex with a promiscuous person you're having sex with all the people they have had sex with? Same is true with landscaper mowers, your lawn is sharing all the diseases and weed seeds of all the lawns that that mower has mowed. unless the landscaper is using your mower or really clleans his mower deck before he mows your lawn. No comment on the fertilizer--hope you watered it in tho.

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I been reading that you should not put fertilizer during this month and specially during the hot days. SInce the landscaper put fertilizer Monday and now my lawn is looking less green and has more brown streaks/spots, should I water it everyday? Twice a day? Or should I go to every 3-4th day? I'm just worried that the fertilizer (and the cut) ruined by KGB sod.

Please help

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