Poinsettia Tree Help

starzz76(5)December 29, 2013

A friend of mine has a poinsettia tree. She just left today for Florida for 6 weeks & I am watching her house. She put the poinsettia tree in the sink & filled it with water & she told me not to worry about it.

I am worried that it`ll rot sitting in the water for that long! Should I remove it from the sink & water it once a week??

Thanks for you help.

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Everything I read said they like moist soil but to let soil dry and then thoroughly water. After a good soak for 30 minutes or so I would remove until she dried out.

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I am quite sure it will die in all that water. I've grown them outdoors & inside, I tend to Overwater inside & they die so Frankielynn is right, Let get dry & then water but not so heavy roots rot! Jan

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