We've Been Vandalized !

mommyandme2December 9, 2011

Yesterday, I discovered a huge pile of **** in a hard-to-get-at corner of my junk garden. Who Did That ? Our garden is on a concrete patio surrounded on 3 sides by a very tall privacy fence & on the 4th side by our house. We know that cats can get in & out by making death-defying leaps over the fence, but Why would a cat dump a load on concrete ? And, it doesn't look right, either. The **** is so large it almost looks human. So, my daughter suggested that one of our neighbors hurled their own **** over the fence. Seems equally unlikely. Then she suggested a possom might have squeezed under the fence. I've lived here 3 years & haven't seen one here, but she says they're in the neighborhood. Don't you just love the internet ? You can google possom scat and get a full description & pictures. It is definitely possom. Now we have to move a bunch of heavy pots to clean it up.

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I don't think I'd call it being vandalized when a wild animal did their business on your patio.

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Yikes ---- I never knew possum poo was that big ! Was this the first time ? Hopefully it'll be the last. Be glad it wasn't raccoons - they'd not only poop - but destroy everything. I've seen pics of your patio - that possum must have been superman to get in there !

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Toomuch: It's too hot down here for racoons, thank goodness. Yes, I'm thrilled nothing got knocked over & broken. I really don't know HOW a possum got in. I guess they can squeeze themselves down flat like mice do. Let's hope us humans don't knock over & break stuff while trying to clean up the mess ! - Laura

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Too hot for 'coons? Where do you live?
Possum poo is the pits and they can climb like you would not believe. My neighbors where we used to live in VA had a possum that would climb to their second floor balcony to do it's business! Yours must like the privacy on your patio.

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They "mark" their territory so it may be back. I won't see evidence of them for months & then I have poop piles every 10 ft around edge of block wall enclosed yard. Sometimes smells almost like a skunk. I think when I clean up as soon as I discover their messes they move on for awhile but always come back. I'm in L.A.area & it gets to 120 occasionally & heat doesn't bother racoons! I heard a loud noise 1 night & neighbor asked me if I heard anything, she said it was 2 huge raccoons getting on my awning & then up on roof,she couldn't believe the size of them, I have never seen them but neighbor years ago used to feed some. Wash is just behind house behind me so whatever comes out of mountains could come including cougars. I learned to carry a large flashlight & not go out back at night. Some rough cut wire or chicken wire on top of fence might stop him but they can get in anyplace. They can't get under my gates but they have no problem getting over the walls. They can be nasty so don't confront one!(Don't you love all this run together-my computer will "shut down" if I try to make paragraphs-always has- other than that it's good!!) Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I never saw them until about 10 years ago. I guess they ar moving north. i didn't know they were so yucky.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

MMMMMM... Too hot for racoons? Yet Minnesota is not too cold for possums? They are thriving in the frigid temps. Really do not care for either of them!!
Raccoons used to destroy our place.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I guess I have a good possom...so far, he hasn't left us any messes. He comes every night to the porch and eats the leftover cat food, takes a drink, washes his paws and waddles on off and back to the woods. I'm grateful that he hasn't left any "presents" for us on the porch. Sorry that you had such a mess at your house.

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uglyoodie(z5 OH)

thank you, just what we wanted to know! LOL

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Should have been put on the conversations side....

see top of forums page for 'coversations'

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You weren't "vandalized" you were "pooped" on!

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Vandalized is when the darn things (coons, in my case) dig up all your freshly potted plants (pretty much shredding them) and fairy gardens set for resale. Happens every year. Hubby finally had the most logical explanation - he thinks perhaps the fish emulsion in the potting soil is the attraction. Makes sense! We usually set traps when I have my mini gardens planted, then we say "bye, bye" if you know what I mean. Oh my, we have all kinds of critters and they leave all kinds of messes - even chewing on my fake Christmas berries mixed in the greenery on my front porch. And they ate my Indian corn decorations also....nothing's sacred around here. But I agree, this kind of stuff is for the conversation side.

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