Totems make the big time!

lily51(OH 5)December 16, 2010

I was watching a Christmas movie on LMN ("Recipe for ??") and there on the table next to where the main character was writing was a small totem. It looked like a white milk glass and green clear combination. Very cute!

Next they'll be selling for big bucks in posh boutiques in the cities.

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Marlene Kindred

They already are selling for big bucks! I've seen them in catalogs for up to $100 each. Go figure.

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lily51(OH 5)

Then you talented people here need to come up with a catalog!

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I had a booth at a very small craft fair last weekend and was very surprised that several people told me I was selling my totems and glass plates at "very reasonable" prices. I live in northern California in Anderson. hmmmmm I priced my plates from $20 - $30 and my totems from $25 - $40. I only had 20 items and I sold 16 and have had two people call me to buy some more. I'm curious now what people would be willing to pay for them. I think in the spring I'll try selling at a higher price and see what happens. What have you seen for prices? I don't know how to upload a picture or I would so you could see what my items look like.

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Where are your pictures??

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I was talking to a lady about renting a booth space at her antique store and she suggested filling blank space in a large booth with new craft items. Mwaahahaha! When I said I can do that in the voice of satan she laughed. The interesting thing about this 'antique' store is that most of the things for sale are the type of things that I grew up using and am still using in my own home. Does that mean I'm an antique? No matter, their clientele is primarily composed of young professional women who like the retro look in their homes. Well, I can help them with that, and can provide glass totems, painted flower pots, repurposed garden tools, and tons of kitchen kitsch that I have been collecting for about 50 years. I think that the glass totems you are creating today could well become the keepsakes of the future generations. Happy thought indeed.

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