any way to make my bermuda darker green?

northtexasJuly 5, 2010

I live in Keller, which is just north of Fort Worth, Texas. I have been following Texas Weed's bermuda bible since last spring with the only exception being that I am only mowing once a week so I am keeping my grass higher than he recommends.

The soil seems to be clay with some big rocks mixed in. I planted some shrubs last weekend and dug up some bowling ball size rocks. A handyman that helps me do stuff said he was working for a builder when they began excavating and saw some cadillac size boulders under the soil. I ran across lots of earthworms in my digging though and we even have some texas spiny lizards :)

Any ideas on how to make my grass a darker green or should I just be happy with what I have? The lawn looks better than any lawn I have ever had (not as good as some I see on here) but I would like it to be darker green. I was admiring it today and took pictures and in the pictures I noticed its pale green color, seems almost fine in person. I have a competition with some guys at work and we enjoy taking pictures and harassing each other. I applied ironite around a month ago but it didn't do much. I have attached a link to pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of bermuda

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You sure can get it darker. The Ironite might help over time if you put enough down. The thing you need most is nitrogen. I have had the best results with Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer. Ammonium Nitrate acts fast and will turn your Bermuda a super dark shade of Green. Urea based fertilizers are much slower in my opinion. Check with farm supplies for the Ammonium Nitrate. Put it down and water it in. Keep it supplied with water when needed. Don't over-apply any fertilizer this time of year. Mow often to keep the top green.

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Milorganite at full bag rate every month as a supplement to the standard Nitrogen fertilization.

Water as needed.

The Iron and Calcium will help it green up in a hurry.

Did the trick for me. I am following the Bermuda Bible Fertilization schedule. My lawn would green up some as soon as the Nitrogen hit, grow like the dickens, then turn back to an apple green... It was full and lush and growing like mad, but not a real pretty dark green...

I set out Milorganite 2 weeks ago at Bag rate... 1st time in the season... and then it rained last week.... BAM... Pure dark green spectacular like I have only seen at Golf Courses...


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This milorganite sounds intriguing, I would like to put some out this weekend if it stops raining and I can cut the grass. Would it be ok to put it out a month after putting out the ironite? Can I just buy it at any of the big box stores? Rday thanks for the tip, I just put down a 34-3-11 lesco fertilizer last weekend before I posted this. I wanted the 39-0-0 that Texas Weed recommends but that was the highest one that the John Deere store had so that is what I went with.

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Northtexas, I am very familiar with your area. 90% chance your soil is low in iron, and/or the PH is too high. Your area is notorious for high PH and iron poor soils.

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Skip Ironite, go with Milorganite instead.... unless you already bought the Ironite...

I buy mine at either Lowe's or Home Depot.. but I hear you can get it at many other places like Menards too...

It's fine to put it on this time of year... especially on Bermuda -- it's a natural slow release 5-2-0 fertilizer product... Won't burn your lawn.

An additional benefit is that it seems to be pretty good as a deer repellent...



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I do not recommend either Ironite or Milorganite for iron supplements as they take too day long to work or have enough iron to do much good.

Look for a product called Bonide. It is a liquid, you spray it on, and it starts to work the next day, and last all season long.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

There's lesco fertilizer that has 5% iron. I think it's like 34-0-0 with 5%FE. Try that. It's only around 25 dollars at Lesco/John Deere Landscape store.

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I wonder if the Bionide is the one for bug repellant? I'm going with it. Texas Weed has spoken. I'm in Georgia I just have to find it.

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Chelated iron...kind of expensive, and the color won't last long, but for an immediate, eye-popping difference, that's the answer. (Think deep, ballpark green.)

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Use 21-0-0 and follow it up with a liquid application of Ferromec AC or Lesco's 12-0-0 Iron. Be very careful when applying liquid iron around fences and concrete areas, it will stain!!

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I'm in the Aledo area, and Alfalfa pellets have worked wonders for my yard and my pocket!

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andy10917(NY 6a)

While Iron is definitely the secret to getting a quick darkening of the grass, all Iron is NOT the same, and those recommending applying Iron to the soil don't understand the soil chemistry, or the regional quirks of the DFW area. Soils in the DFW area are very often at pH 7.5 - 7.8, and are calcareous (large excesses of Calcium and sometimes both Calcium and Magnesium). Iron solubility is heavily influenced by both Calcium and pH - the same amount of Iron may be 1000 PPM soluble at pH 6.3, but will drop to 352 PPM at pH 6.5, 35 PPM at pH 7.0 and 3.5 PPM at pH 7.5. Unchelated Iron will become unavailable almost immediately upon soil contact. Chelated (part of an organic molecule) Iron will last longer. Milorganite behaves as chelated because it came from the organic bacteria that digested the sewage.

The way to get very dark grass quickly is to apply it in a foliar fashion to the grass instead of the soil. Backpack or pump-up sprayers are best because the droplets are much tinier than the hose-end sprayer applicators, and less runs off. The bad news is that it grows off in 2-3 weeks as the grass grows out, and must be reapplied to maintain the look.

Be careful - while it can work literally overnight, it doesn't take much -- and too much will make the grass look a muddy slate-gray.

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