What do you use as a bowling ball stand?

tinael01(10A)December 18, 2011

I took my kids old ball and some dollar store stones...it came out okay maybe not as shiny as I wanted. I haven't searched to see if anyone already has this posted - but where do you get a good economical stand? :)

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Crafty Gardener(ON 5b)

I've used flower pots, as you have, also tall vases, old bird bath base and an old piece of tree trunk. I found a nice stand at Lowes a couple of years ago, but it was really for a garden globe and had to be well anchored into the ground to hold the heavy bowling ball.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

I use metal candle holders. They're usually a ton of them cluttering up thrift store shelves, at least in my area. They have a flat base for the candle, 3-4 legs and are fairly heavy with a wrought iron look. I use them right side up and upside down depending on the look I want and where I'm placing the BB.
I've also used rebar for placing BB's in the garden. You can get a "floating" BB look using a longer piece securely shoved down into a shrub, esp. an evergreen. The rebar needs to be really buried deep for stability. Be sure to measure for height and get the heaviest rebar you can find.

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Marlene Kindred

I think you can use just about anything that will fit the size of the BB. Flower pots, buckets, candle holders, light bases, vases, wooden containers, etc. Like the others have said, just make sure your base is anchored since the BB is heavy!

Great job~

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

nice job!
It just strikes me that as long as you use a piece of rebar, you can use any stand that will go around it even if its not strong enough to support the ball by itself.

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I've gotten several stands at Thrift shops(TS is short for thrift shops in case you see it) ones I get I use to hold pots so they don't tip over but perfect for bb. they are simply 2 wrought iron rings 1 larger than the other with about 4 short pieces of wrought iron holding them apart about 6-8in. high. so I just use them either right side up or upside down- smaller ring on top would be just right for BB. I don't know if they were meant to hold plants or something else. Could be kids metal shop project. Most are sprayed black but I've redid some green or clay color. They are heavy & last forever. Jan

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Thank you for the tips! I 'll hit the TS (: and see what I find.

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I have used lamp bases--I took 2 Heavy brass lamps, the bottom (with the weights removed)of one was put on the top of the other, and will hold a BB very well. Took one ceremic lamp base, and a brass bowl for the top, to hold the ball. Also have used
parts from ceiling fans--they have a hole in the middle that the Ball will fit into. Someone on here used a painted
single-size concret block for a base.
Sorry no pictures...All websites were just deleted by the company, including mine....

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I meant to mention that there are 4 bowling ball gallery pages on the FAQ at the top of the page--There are also single pages--one BB bubbler, one copper leaf covered one and a couple of others.
I especially like the one with the 'grapes' in the wrought iron stand on the second gallery page.

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I also have been using the wrought iron like candle stands. They also work nicely as a holder while I am gluing too. During my "travels", I have found concrete bird bath bottoms. I assume the top had been broken and I acquired the bottom half from the curb. I plan on using one of those this year for my bowling ball too.

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