Toro Lawnmower Electric Start

pjl1969August 1, 2010

I have a Toro 6.5hp GTS Recycler Lawnmover, with electric start. Starting the mower with the cord works fine but now the electric start is not working and seeking advice on how to diagnose the problem. I have confirmed the Battery is charged and yesterday replaced the wiring harness. Don't know what else to do or how I can check to see what else is working / not working ? When turning the key there is no sound at all as though it was even trying to turnover the engine. Help please.

Mower Specifics: Toro Consumer 20045, Super Recycler Mower, SR-21SE, 2000 (SN 200000001-200999999)

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The first thing to check is: Is there 12V at the terminal on the starter when you turn the key? If not, is there 12V on the switch from the battery? Is there 12V from the battery but not past the switch.

There are a few things to check. There is also another switch on the left side of the motor which is activated by the bail handle.

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Thanks. I am a novice at most things electrical. Can you please advise how to test the items you highlighted. I have a multimeter, but do I disconnect the wires from the starter to perform the test or leave them connected and just test the terminals ? Also, there is a connector on the wiring harness that I just replaced that is located between the battery and the starter that connects the two together, do I disconnect the two and perform the test on the connector itself or leave it connected and do the test on the starter terminals itself ? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to do the right thing. Thanks.

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I just bought a new electric start Personal Pace Toro Lawnmower & do not know how to install the electric start button. I have not found the instructions in the instruction book helpful. Can someone give me instructions on how to install the electric start button? Thanks.

UPDATE: I was finally able to install the start button but now have another question about this lawnmower. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS A WAY TO ADJUST THE HANDLE ON THE PERSONAL PACE? I'M SHORT AND WOULD LIKE TO ADJUST IT BETTER FOR MY HEIGHT.

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