I was dreaming of a white Christmas...

cait1December 31, 2010

but a lot of you guys got it instead! HA!

Hope ya'll had a very Merry Christmas!

For those of you shivering, I'm sending pics I took today (technically yesterday). Our year here ending with a sweltering day with temps in the mid to upper 90s. The air was thick with mugginess.

I recently made this garden bed but the Angels are not very good at protecting my plants from the snails.

We found this huge gnome at the dump and now he stands under the arbor welcoming those who enter.

My wine barrel water lilies

I put up this arbor as an entrance to the 3 ponds area.

The path to the 3 ponds.

Waaaaaaaaaay back I showed you guys this wonderful curb shop hamster hutch.

I did it up ages ago and finally put it in the Gnome Garden (which shares the 3 ponds area)

I love these coral bells. If I had snapped a better pic you would be able to see all the flower spires better.

Here's a pic of my dahlias and pink yarrow aka achillea

Tommorrow I'll be picking zucchini

And to finish off, here's the view from my front porch. We've been cutting down trees so the view has improved a lot since I've been here.


Love you guys!!!!!


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I'm jealous! It's snowy and cold and rainy! Thanks for the pics!

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Happy New Year Cait.
Just remember, your winter is coming! But I can never figure out if you are six months ahead of us, or six months behind. ;)
By the way, have you seen pictures of your old city dealing with the snow? Hasn't been fun.

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I love your yard, especially the gnome planter and the gnome house. You did a great job on it.

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Oh boy, cait! Thank U, Thank U...what an uplift for the day! And the progress you've made! WOW! I am just lovin' your 3-pond area...I remember the beginnings of it!

What a dump find...that BIg gnome at the arbor entrance! & your hamster house save, "Gnome, Sweet, Gnome!" ...so darn CUTE!!

Yup, envying your "green" & what a beautiful view from your front porch...all your hard GJ work has pd off! Keep the pics coming when you've time! Love 'em! Jeanne S.

Here's my pond area taken on Christmas Eve:

But, couple warm days, lots of melting & now freezing rain...cold temps back for tonight & the week...I like your "look" much better! LOL!

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Next year's Christmas card? It's pretty enough. Maybe you could photo-shop your family into the scene.

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Everything looks so lovely, I didn't get a white Christmas either. Your gnome cabin is sooooooo cute, even though pink is my favorite color, you made a 100% improvement. Thanks for letting us see all your beautiful flowers.
Jeanne, great pic or your bridge. It's warm here today with tornados in the northern part of the state.

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Marlene Kindred

Happy New Year to you too Cait! So nice to see your gardens and your flowers...making me drool here! Love what you did with the gnome house....too cute! Thanks for making those of us in this winter weather dream of summer time!

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Love your big gnome, great spot for him to watch over the garden. Gnome house is adorable & looks like that is Mrs.Gnome! Most things are kind of soppy looking out here but I have a daffodil that is blooming (99cent store) & has about 6 little flowers on the head, I thought they came 1 to a stalk! It's all white. Not getting warm until after next rain which is coming in tomorrow. Love you bridge pic, Jeanne! Great to see you back here Cait! Jan

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Glad you all enjoyed the bit of warmth!
Nancyjean, I'm kinda glad I don't have to shovel, but I do miss the snow!
Jeanne, you are an amazing photographer! I LOVE that pic. I've saved several of your bluejay and cardinal pics as screen savers, have a screen saver program that rotates pics, and they come up every so often. I now have a new pic to add! THANKS!
To those who mentioned the gnome house - I love it, too. I used the bark of a native called a paperbark - the bark peels off the tree and is wonderfully soft - on the roof. I applied several coats of marine varnish but the bark seems to repel the stuff. Weird, huh?
Jan, it's nice to be back. I know I don't come round much, but you are all in my thoughts, and always in my heart!

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Hi Cait! I LOVE your gnomes! They had better watch out for a certian troll though...how is Trygg the Troll doing? :o) What a great gnome house. Your creativity always inspires me!

I'm sitting here in below zero weather but your pictures are warming me up! Beautiful gardens as always!

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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