Identify this grass/weed?

alan1964July 18, 2014

I'll try and give as much pertinent detail as I can. I've lived in this house for 19 years. I'm in a suburb of Ft Worth Tx. My yard has primarily been St Augustine. About 3 years ago we had a brutal Summer which coincided with medical issues for myself. Long story short, I was unable to attend to my lawn and lost about 80% of it. It's now starting to grow back in except one area. This year, I've noticed this mystery grass or weed. It grows in what looks like runners along the top of the ground. The blades are a little broader than St Augustine, thinner, softer and it sort of curls at the tips. It's kind of a dark green blue color. I've attached a photo that I hope comes through. I have other pictures including a comparison of a sprig of the mystery stuff along side a sprig of the St Augustine but I apparently can attach just one picture. Any help would be appreciated. I'd be happy to email the other pictures to whomever might be able to help. Also, it's just this one area about 5 feet in diameter.

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Comparison picture with mystery stuff on the left and St Augustine on the right.

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Well I'm not a Florida turf expert but I'm confident that I know what it's not! That being said, I think Signalgrass is a good place to start. Same family as crabgrass and very much at home in the Florida landscape. Grasses that I have ruled out include common Bermuda, quackgrass, carpetgrass, centipede, among others. One that I'm not familiar with but it's certainly at home in FL is bahiagrass. If you can find some seedhead, it's easy to ID Bahia as the seed forms an open V. Some of the problems we run into with grassy weeds is the multitude of 'bio-types' especially in their 'native' habitat. Can make ID challenging, especially when you're not from the area. Hope this helps and others from the SE are able to nail it down for you. Good Luck, PG78

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Actually, I'm in a suburb of a Fort Worth Tx. Earlier today I took a sample and the pictures to the local garden center/plant place. Guy told me it was Goose Grass. Fortunately, it's in an area of my yard that is isolated and the St Augustine hadn't grown back into. I'm not thrilled with using it, but I covered the area with Round Up and hopefully that gets rid of it. The guy said definitely get it out before it spreads.

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