Briggs and Stratton Motor Recoil Trouble

Kb2112August 5, 2013

My recoil starter will retract the rope when its not on the engine, but when I put it on and pull the rope, the recoiler will not disengage to allow the rope to retract. How can I fix this?



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Does your recoil slide over a starter clutch? (Like a 1" square shaft) Could be a dirty or bent assy. Ideally a model and type # would tell us which engine you have w/ what style recoil.

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Sorry, I have a BobCat chipper/shredder with a B&S 8 HP motor model 192402-1015-E1 . It has a square shaft that is maybe 1" thick.
Is this shaft supposed to engage the engine in one direction only to start it, then allow the recoil to rewind the pull rope?? It turns the engine whether I turn the shaft clockwise or counter-clockwise.

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The square shaft on the starter clutch should roll freely CCW. . If not, the clutch is either worn or dirty inside. You will need to remove the clutch in order to service it.

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It doesnt go CCW freely. It seems to get caught up every now and then. Guess Ill need a new one.

The gas tank problem is solved.


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Starter clutch definitely needs to be replaced. Once I got it off and opened it up, all the bearings and interior was rusted and pitted. Thank you for the help. Now I just need to order it.

For the gas tank, I used a thick clean plastic vinegar bottle and installed a rubber valve bushing and fuel shut-off valve into the bottom. For a new tank it would have cost $80+, my cost was $10.13. It would have been less but I wanted a shutoff valve instead of just a thru-valve. For what I need, this will work as I can hang it up out of the way on the handle, while the machine is running. Its not pretty but it works!

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You will also want to know that the crank is rust free. It would be nice to have a little safer fuel tank. Lots of times you can find the Honda style metal tanks cheap online.

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Agreed, but until i get this engine running, im not going to invest too much into it.

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The gas tank reminds me of my '69 Mustang with a mechanical fuel pump. When I got the antique license plate and kept it in the barn for months at a time, I had a small metal gas can with a rubber hose connected to the fuel pump inside the engine compartment. Every month or two, I'd start the motor and my "remote" gas tank worked great. LOL.

Those ball bearing starters are low tech. I would clean up the rust dust, oil the balls and put it back together.

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I tried that and it still wouldn't rotate smoothly. The inside was pretty bad. A new one is on its way.

Thank you

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Well its up and running! When I come across a new tank, Ill replace it, but till then the jug will do. Ill probably use a gallon sized gas can if I cant locate a new reasonably priced tank.

Next up is to pull the blades, and sharpen them.

Thank you all for the help.


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