Craftsman Lawn Tractor gas tank removal

gpg101August 18, 2010

I have a Craftsman model #917.272461 that has a leaking gas tank or gas line. How do I get to the tank to determine the source of the leak and how do I remove the tank. Thanks.

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If the tank is under the seat--well, that in itself should give ya an idea of what ya must do. If up behind the instrument panel, well, the removal should be easy to figure out. Could it be the hose? Fuel hose seems to deteriorate much sooner then a few years ago.
To remove some of the under-seat tanks, removal of the rear fenders will have to be done.

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Well, you have to remove the body of the tractor. It seems like a big deal, but it isn't really. there are 2- 9/16" nuts under the front of the foot pad and two bolts that hold the body on in the rear. These are the same bolts that hold the seat springs. Remove them, and any knobs, fuel cap that have to pull through and lift/ twist the body off. next you will see a metal U shaped bracket that holds the tank on. It is a good idea to mark this so you know its orientation when it is put back on. With this tractor, it could be a split at the seem or a leaking grommet at the bottom of the tank. What ever the outcome, now is the time to clean the tank (if not replaced) put in a new grommet and fuel line.

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