Kohler Command 26 HP Engine Problems

msk59August 27, 2009

Hello: In 2006 I purchased a brand new Cub Cadet 1050 lawn tractor with Kholar Command 26 HP engine. I did a lot of research and everyone said it is a very good engine. Recently It started smoking from the right cylinder. The tractor has only 105 hours. During the past 3 seasons I have change oil regularly with Opti.. Oil. along with plugs and filter change. It is with the local dealer for checkup and I a waiting on the dignosis and possible solution.

I didn't know that this is a common problem on this type of engine as many have expressed in this forum.

Question: What should be my couse of action? Should I contact Kohler? It is out of warrenty but my rationale is if it is a known defect then there should have been a recall or TSB. Please advise as the repairs would be expensive.

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If the head gasket failed , I would call Kohler CAC and see if they would participate. It would be good to do both if they do. If not, the repair shouldn't be super expensive and in my world they haven't re-occurred after installing the kit.

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Thanks Tomplum: What does CAC means? I did called Tech Support and the gentleman was very nice. He said they may cover parts as Kohler is aware of the problems and the gaskit on these motors (Kohler Command 26 HP) is a farily common problem. Now, i am waiting on dealer to call me back with the report on what is wrong with it.

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Customer Assistance Center.
The bad news is the parts are the cheap part if they are just furnishing one or 2 head gasket kits. Kohler services a kit for each cylinder separate that contains new head bolts as they originally felt that the problem originated in the bolt hardening process, thus allowing the gasket to fail.If it tossed the gasket, call back and ask for labor and to do both head sets too. Even if you ended up with a 50/50 split on both- thatwould be a step in the right direction.

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Well I spoke to the dealer and it will be towards the end of the next week that I will know what is wrong with it. Extremely rude ownership. They are the only one in town. Then these small businesses complain that they don't get business and box store run them out of business.

Thanks Tom for all your input.I will call them again Monday and continue to bug them so this thing get resolved. Extremely disappointed in Kohler brand. Now I have to call around to see who will rent me a mower.

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That's too bad the dealer is ornery. A week out isn't bad in this business, tho as the kids slide back to school it frees up a bit by me. The Kohler people are good folks. I'm tempted to suggest calling once it is diagnosed, but I guess it doesn't hurt to start a repore with them. Tell them about the new bath and kitchen you'll be putting in. Plumbing and engines are the same Kohler family you know. . . Heck, have the thought in your head that by the time you get off the phone, not only will the engine repair be covered complete- but they'll pick up a round of golf and serve you dinner afterward at the American Club if you make the trip to Kohler...

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Well 2010 season went OK after the repairs were done on it. Now it started smoking real bad and throughs puff of smoke during deaceleration and under load. The rude dealership went out of business so I have to take it to a different dealer in KC to diagonse the problem. Any help would be appreciated. The engine now has 144 hours on it.

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