syringing lawn

nykennyJuly 18, 2013

Does anyone syringe there lawn, like you see golf courses do? I have been doing it on one section of my lawn for the past 12 days. The results have been great and you see a huge difference in the section that has been lightly watered in the hot parts of the day. Everyone I spoke to and all my research has stated they don't recommend it to home owners. Why Not? Please no answers saying it will act like a magnifying glass and burn the blades!!! Thanks

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I do it, especially on my grass that is near the street. If I didn't it would never make it through the summer. I'm not sure why you have been getting advice not too, the only thing I can think of is maybe creating an enviroment more favorable for fungal outbreaks.

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Great, makes me feel better!!! My grass is dry by the evening so I'm hoping that it's not creating an environment for fungal disease. I just have not seen syringing mentioned too much here or anywhere over the net. Thanks for the quick response.

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What's the process or is it just a light watering during peak "fry time" of the day?

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Yes, you got. I find it better to do with a hose, but if I'm pressed for time a good 2 min with the sprinklers will do. Basically just want to mist the grass to cool it off, especially during this heat wave most of us are going through now.

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You can certainly do it but it does come with risk of fungal problems. To minimize fungal risk make the last misting well before sunset so the grass is dry before dark falls. Well unless you live in Phoenix..

Keep in mind golf courses do some things you do not. Greens for the most part are soilless and fairly free of organic matter. Most also use a fungicide weekly on the greens.

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