Christmas Decorations Up...

chevy57red(3/4 MN)December 5, 2010

Our front yard..

Happy Holidays to all!!

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Good for you, chevy! Taking your holiday GJ on the road! Looks very festive...esp lovin' your totem! No hosta's needed here! & it's snowing here in IA & MN has been hit several times already! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Cute, sunny and warm looking! I want to come there! I'm next door to Jeanne here in Wisconsin. We haven't had as much snow as IA or MN and they can keep it! he-he Love to see Christmas celebrations where there is no snow, cold or ice. I like that little bear by the little Christmas trees. You found great pieces for your totem and plate flower too. What is hanging from the garland? It almost looks rusty (which I'd love).

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What? No snow in AZ??? You need a can of snow to shoot on your trees so you can look at snow & sip your ice tea & get a suntan & shiver when you think of what you left up north!! Sorry Jeanne & Luna!! My son had to shovel out in So. Dak too! I think it all looks very festive & I love the 4 stack pots bright colors. Looks like little watering cans on the garland at front of home. Enjoy the nice weather! (We have a little rain tonight!) Jan

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do you live in a park, for snow birds, or is that your permanemt location?

the one on the out skirts of town here, is named
"Land Yacht Harbor"..
is that a common name for such places? they always seem to be decorated, for each season....

Becky .(*_*).

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Good eye sunny.. those are my watering can lights..
a can of snow would look nice, but too hard to clean when we pack up..
we are in a mobile home park.. but there are spaces open to rvs. my mother is 2 doors down and she has been coming here for over 20 years.. when she decides not to leave mn in the winter, we may or not change our travel plans..
i am letting the kids live in the snow now.. i had enough years of it!!
and jeanne.. still have over 3/4 of the hosta back in mn..
my summer projects!!

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lily51(OH 5)

Love your festive decorations! Who wouldn't celebrate being in the warmth and sun instead of the this cold, windy weather?! Looks like fun.

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mary2010(9 FL)

How adorable!!! Love all your decorations . . . especially the totem.

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Something is missing ........... I know ! -- SNOW !!!

LOL Really -- everything is awesome .

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