Happy Garden Junk..............

Shades_of_idahoDecember 16, 2012

Finally We have Snow. Started last night and there is about three inches so far this morning. Was gazing out the kitchen window and discovered I have Very Happy Garden junk. LOL


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Adding the bed frame hopefully bench next spring too. Had a pretty layer of snow on the edge. And YES this poor bedframe has been through the mill being run over by a CAT and a trip down the river in a flood. Happy Sunday to all. I am back out to shovel the snow off the kitty kennel roof and clear some paths. Chris

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PKponder TX(7b)

It's good to see snow! Your garden art looks happy, especially the first picture!

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Thank you pkponder. Good thing I took the happy face picture when I did. Next I looked out is had slid away.Had a fun time shoveling the snow and throwing some snow balls for the dogs. Started snowing again late this afternoon. :^))))

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Marlene Kindred

Nothing better than happy garden junk! The snow is pretty! Hope you didn't have to work too hard to shovel the snow though. TFS~

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Thanks Marlene. The shoveling was not too bad considering I am not in the best of condition,YET. I will be by the time winter is over. I consider it my morning work out. Just finished doing it all over again. We did not have much more snow last night but it is always best not to let it build up and I like to keep the house side doors shoveled and they catch the roof slide off.

The worst is the kitty kennel outside for the inside cats.I am the crazy cat lady with 9.All spayed neutered vaccinated wormed, even the wild ones.$$$$$ :^( The inside cats are not allowed to run free. The ferals we feed can not be caged. The kennel is not made for a roof but I put one up there so I need to keep it shoveled off. It is 6 foot wide by 20 foot long accessed by a pet door in the bedroom window. They love it. They can play outside but not loose in the street or with the ferals. What we go through for our fur babies. LOL

Waiting for the road to warm up so they are not icy so we can slide down the mountain to stock up on groceries.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nice 'snow' face'!!!
With a piece of red fabric at the top it could be Santa!
No matter how many other times is snows there,
it will probably never have the same face.
We have several things in common--I have an iron
bedstead that went through a fire.
I also have 9 cats. 2 live in the house-they started
with a feral mother. Most of the others are the same.
One of mine had 'the worlds smallest cat' who would
have been in the Guienness(sp) book but had liver and
kidney failure a week before we met with the book
people. Her name was Bitsy. I still have her mother.
All except the latest 2 have been fixed. one is too
young yet, and the other is a male that has just
been 'put off' because he 'can't' have kittens-LOL
To be taken care of just after The Christmas season
is over. Mine are friendly enough to come inside
when I call them, and each 'group' has a building,
and either an electric blanket/throw to sleep
on. "What we go through for our fur babies"

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Shades what a neat pic! thanks for posting it. Send us some of your snow. We need it. the mountains are getting it
but not down here.

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I would be happy if most of the snow stayed up in the mountains and just enough here to protect the plants.We are at 2545 Feet here in our valley so not too high. I remember last year my neighbor got his mower out and mowed the lawn on Christmas just to be able to say he did. It really felt so weird. When winter was over last year I felt so unsettled because of the lack of lower valley snow.

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The snow face really does look like Santa or "the ghost of Santa" came to pay a visit & left so suddenly! I loved the icicles on tree limbs & used to think they looked just like glass. This looks like a soft fluffy snow. Much easier to shovel than the compact stuff. Jan

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Love your snowy pics! Snowy GJ is always great to see! Jeanne S.

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