Toro's 2 cycle R-Tek

chiefsfan(raytown,mo)August 24, 2010

I am curious. The brochure states that Brigs produces this engine for Toro in a joint venture. Is this related to the Duraforce of Lawnboy?

Even more is does MTD make any of the Toro snow blowers?

I took a look at the 180 Power Clear and noticed the engine was a Toro brand.

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canguy(British Columbia)

The LB Duraforce is gone for good. Two strokes such as the engine Briggs builds for Toro are exempted under the strict emission laws governing lawn mowers because they are used during winter when the risk of damage to the ozone layer and the rings around Jupiter is deemed by the poobahs at EPA to be reduced.As far as I know, Toro builds their own snow blowers.

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MTD was making some of the Craftsman Product of Snow-Blowers ! I see Some of Sears Product is very Similiar to Toro !

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The Toro R-Tek is related to the LB Duraforce. It's basically a ported piston version vs. a reed valve version with other minor differences. Canguy has the right reason about it being OK to use in the winter but not summer. Not sure if Toro/LB sold the rights and equipment to Briggs to manufacture this engine for their snow blowers.

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Thanks, just trying to avoid a Chinese engine. I went to Sears today and looked at their snow blowers. On the back it said MTD Made in China. The asking price was the same as the Toro so I will get the Toro.

The EPA does go a bit over board. LOL!

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