Starting Zoysia from plugs

Jrb599July 24, 2012

So I tried to create plugs from sod and it was very time consuming to dig holes, and then fill them up with topsoil and plant the plug. I was wondering if they sell zeon zoysia plugs and a cutter that cuts to the right size and just lets you drop the plug in there? Or am I just crazy?

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The way I establish a zoysia lawn from plugs is I buy rolls or squares of sod from the nearest seller, I cut up each roll or square into 2" x 2" plugs, take a round point shovel and cut slits in the ground 8" apart, tamp down the plug, and keep on plugging. You have to water the plugs at least twice daily.

In my opinion, digging holes and filling them with topsoil is not necessary.

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What do you mean slits in the ground? Do you have a video of this?

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Quit beating yourself up and save your back. Spend the $50 for a tool made to do the job. Watch this Video

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